Leonardo DiCaprio Gives A Tweet Shoutout To YouTube Sensation MrBeast

You read the title right! The A-List Hollywood celebrity Leonaro DiCaprio has noticed MrBeast and his efforts towards the environment, the needy, and humanity in general.

Leonardo DiCaprio took to his official Twitter handle and gave Jimmy ‘Mr Beast’ a shoutout and fans are beyond delighted with it. MrBeast is one of the most successful YouTubers on the planet. He rose to stardom with his viral videos where he gives away a lot of money to random strangers and to those in need.

MrBeast is known for his philanthropy and charity work. He established a free restaurant by the name of ‘MrBeast Burger’ and has also recently revealed that he has given away 1,000,000 free meals to needy to date.

MrBeast Reacts

In the tweet, Leonardo DiCaprio shared the trailer of a series funded by DiCaprio’s production company, Appian Way, featuring MrBeast and his rise to internet stardom in spite of a serious health condition.

The YouTuber has also responded to the tweet of Leo. He said “Wasn’t expecting a tweet from Leo today, but I’ll take it.”

Team Seas Project

MrBeast is currently busy with his brand new project titled Team Seas. The Team Seas movement aims to remove 30 million pounds of waste from the oceans and clean the environment.

Currently, the TeamSeas campaign has raised $14 Million while the target is $30 Million. You can support the cause by donating $1 as MrBeast and his team is removing 1 pound of waste from the ocean for every dollar donated.

Leonardo DiCaprio Takes Internet By Storm

Leonardo DiCaprio has also been in the news recently. But why?

From the 2021 LACMA Art & Film Gala, a crazy clip of Jeff Bezos, his girlfriend Lauren Sanchez, and Hollywood heart-throb Leonardo DiCaprio has gone viral. In the short video the three of them are seen talking while Jeff’s girlfriend is seen enamored by the Hollywood celebrity.

The clip is taking the internet by storm and the Twitter memes show no sign of slowing down. Sanchez appears to be totally enamored with DiCaprio as he talks, a walking emulation of his Gatsby performance from 2013. Don’t believe us? Watch the video for yourself:


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