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Leading Project Management Expert Achieves Success & Helps Others Along The Way

Yad Senapathy is the founder and CEO of the Project Management Training Institute (PMTI), which provides working professionals with a time-efficient, guaranteed to work solution to achieving Project Management Professional certification. An active and respected member of the Project Management Professional community, Senapathy serves as a content contributor and content subject matter expert for the Project Management Institute’s Guide to the Project Management Book of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). Under his leadership, PMTI has become the single largest provider of high-quality project management certification training in the industry.

Born and raised in India, Senapathy learned from an early age to dream big and reach for the stars. Growing up, his parents kept English newspapers and magazines related to science and education around him, influencing him to learn English and become a phenomenal speaker.

At that time, periodicals were covering the days of innovation, modernization and transformation in the United States, which was at its height during the 70s and 80s. He was fascinated with all of it. At that moment, he knew he wanted to try to qualify for the highly competitive Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and work in India’s prestigious companies. That didn’t go as planned, but as people say, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” All of his studying didn’t go to waste – it helped him secure a spot in a local state university that paid for his education.

During his time at the university, he made sure to carefully cultivate associations with acquaintances who could inspire a passion and desire to succeed for themselves and society. “My deeply ingrained spiritual upbringing may have something to do with it,” said Yad Senapathy.

However, he ultimately knew his family wasn’t going to be able to afford to send him to the United States and that he was going to have to find a school that was willing to give him a full ride. So, he went straight back to the books to learn more about the process of acing the tests he needed to impress the schools. His hard work paid off. He was accepted to every school he applied to and he received a full ride to Kansas State University.

“I failed multiple times – going to IITs, going to the US in my first attempt, etc. But what let me succeed was; A) not giving up. B) sharpening my pencil and my motivation to keep improving,” said Senapathy. “Each time I made another try, I did something different, something unique that enhanced my performance. So, I realized it is indeed a virtue not to be an A+ and never lose heart. You never fail; you only learn. I now tell my son there are only two life outcomes whenever you try something – you either succeed or grow. These experiences trained me to find the gap between what I wanted to achieve and where I stand today and figure out how to lay a roadmap to fill it.”

He succeeded in his goal of living, working and finding success in the United States with his family with many bumps in the road, it wouldn’t have it any other way. Senapathy shares that his mission is far from over, as he continues his work to inspire the next generation of project managers and remains steadfast in his commitment to giving back to those who come from less fortunate backgrounds, both in the United States and in his native country of India.

Senapathy and his wife created a charitable foundation, which helps fund education for school children where he lives in Dallas, Texas. Just recently, he donated 200,000 meals to families affected by COVID-19 through North Texas Food Bank. In India, Senapathy supports organizations that expand access to education, particularly for children who are blind and differently-able, something he feels strongly about.

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