Kudroli World To Give Its 30% Stake Of USD 43 Million To A Japanese Company?

A foreign company investing its money in an Indian company has been practised in India for years now. It has its own set of benefits which can help the company to foray into the international markets. The latest news doing the rounds is that a Japanese company might make a huge investment in Hafeez Kudroli’s company, Kudroli World. According to a report by a spokesperson of a Japanese company, the deal has finally reached in its final stage of negotiations. It is believed that the Japanese giant will have a stake of 30% in Kudroli World for a whopping investment of 43million USD (Rs 330 crore INR) investment of direct cash deal.

Kudroli World, a business conglomerate headquartered in Bengaluru is a 360-degree venture which offers services in almost any and every field. The company offers services in different sectors including real estate, apparel, hospitality, food, spa and salon, education, broadcast media, sports, Information Technology and fundraising. A business hub in itself, the company has currently got 13 subsidiaries which will soon expand in the coming years. However, it is not known that which Japanese company will have its stake in Kudroli World, but the deal which is in its final stage will almost be locked by May this year.

Many Japanese organisations have readily expressed their interest in making their investments in India. Well, this is a terrific sign which will open the doors of Indian startups in the foreign shores. The spokesperson of the foreign company who wants to withhold his name and the company’s name at this stage declined to give more details about the deal. When tried to reach the entrepreneur Hafeez Kudroli, there was no reply or any confirmation for the same. Well, if this deal gets cracked Kudroli World will bring a revolution for many other startups of India.