Kim Kardashian Inspired Paris Hilton to Freeze Her Eggs News

Kim Kardashian Inspired Paris Hilton to Freeze Her Eggs

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Time icon August 25, 2020

Paris Hilton is opening up about her decision to freeze her eggs a few years ago. She revealed that her friend, Kim Kardashian West inspired her to make the decision.

In her interview with The Sunday Times, Paris revealed that she had a conversation with Kim about freezing her eggs. She said she had the most amazing conversation with Kim about it. Kim also recommended her own doctor to Paris.

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Paris said, “She introduced me to her doctor, and I was so inspired by her to actually do it”. She adds that every woman should do it because they can control it and not think that they have to get married because they got pregnant.

The actress also revealed that when she has a child, she wants it to be a girl. She said she is obsessed with dressing up and would love to have a mini version of herself. However, she also revealed she would be open to having twins because then she would get a boy and a girl at once.

A source recently revealed to People that Paris is dating Carter Reum. The source reveals she has never been happier and has finally met her match. “They are head over heels in love with each other,” the source added.

The couple celebrated their one-year anniversary in April. Paris took to Instagram to mark the occasion. She wished her beau a happy anniversary and posted a picture of them kissing. Paris further wrote her favorite thing to do is make memories with him. The heiress added, “Your kisses are magical.⚡️ I love being yours and knowing you’re mine. ????????”

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“Finally, I’ve found my perfect match”

Paris also revealed to The Sunday Times that she thinks Carter would be the best dad. She also said she hopes to have a future and a family with him. “Finally, I’ve found my perfect match, someone I want to spend the rest of my life with and have a family with,” she said of Reum.

Paris Hilton just released a trailer for her documentary, This is Paris. It is a YouTube Original documentary and it seems unfiltered. The star hints at past trauma in the trailer.

She says in the trailer, “I feel like the whole world thinks they know me. No one really knows who I am. … I don’t even know who I am sometimes. I didn’t use to be that way.”

Paris talks about playing a character and says it is hard for her to be normal. The trailer also includes her current life where she is seen fighting with someone behind-the-scenes. It includes a video montage of when she was a child and one of the scenes includes getting dropped off at boarding school in Utah as a teenager.

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Along with Paris, her sister,  Nicky Rothschild Hilton, and their mother Kathy Hilton also make appearances. The star says there is something that happened to her as a kid that she does not share with anybody. “I just heard screaming bloody murder,” Nicky recalls.

Paris revealed she could not tell them because she will be punished by someone else. She says in the trailer that she still has nightmares about it. The actor reveals, “The only thing that saved my sanity was thinking about who I wanted to become when I got out of there. I just created this brand and this persona and this character, and I’ve been stuck with her ever since.”

Nicky is heard saying that the body never forgets trauma even if the mind does. She further adds that the trauma is trapped in Paris and it will come out someday.

The project is directed by Emmy-winning director, Alexandra Dean. He promises to uncover the hidden past of the international icon. Paris will be confronting “the heartbreaking trauma that forged who she is today,” according to the description.

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