Kerry Washington Talks Educating Her Kids About Current Politics

Kerry Washington opened up about how she educates her children about current politics. The actress had made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared details about her parenting.

She shared how she educates her children about current politics amid the ongoing 2020 election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. The actress shared how they talk a lot about the election in her house. She shares two children with husband Nnamdi Asomugha, Isabella, and Caleb.

Kerry shared how they talk about bad guys and good guys and uses the analogy of superheroes to describe people who vote. She said, “We do talk about bad guys and good guys. They know what superheroes are. In our house, superheroes are the people who vote; and the people who work at the polls; and the people who community organize and leave the world a better place.”

The Scandal star shared that the bad guys are people who separate families and take away health care. However, the actress revealed that she hasn’t been specific about this with them.

Kerry had been extremely involved with the election over the past several months. She even described it as her second job as she traveled across the country to encourage people to vote. The actress revealed that when her kids ask her about these trips, she makes sure to explain to them the meaning behind the work she did.

Kerry On Explaining Her Kids About How Voices Matter

She explained what she said to them and told them that she really want to go to these places to help people to know how important their voice is. The actress explained, “What I said to them was; ‘We really want to go to these places to help people to know how important their voice is and that they need to vote. Because the reason the person who is in the White House is there now is that not enough people voted’.”

Kerry added that their kids were asking her why did not they vote and they would respond saying, “’They didn’t know how much their voice mattered.'” She explained how they talk about these things without letting it scare them.

The actress further shared her passion for civic responsibility which comes from her parents. She revealed how her parents stressed the importance of voting in their house when Kerry was growing up.

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She explained how her mother used to take her to the polling booth with her when she was a kid. The Little Fires Everywhere alum shared how it was like she was OZ because she went behind curtains and move levers. She shared that she used to think about how her mom is magic and has all this power.

The star revealed that when she turned 18, her parents took her out to dinner to celebrate because she could vote now. She said, “I mean it’s a big deal in my family.”

Kerry further turned the attention to the ongoing election and told people to wait and have patience. She said, “We have to just wait while the votes are counted”. The actress shared how important it is to trust the local election officials.


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