Kellie Rastegar Drives Rastegar Brand Towards Mission Of Community Service

Real estate investment firms don’t often earn labels like “compassionate” and “considerate.” But Austin-based Rastegar Property Company, a wholly-owned nine-figure private investment firm — on pace to surpass $1 billion in assets in the coming years — has garnered such a reputation.

The firm invests heavily in underdeveloped neighborhoods and community programs. Kellie Rastegar, the co-founder of Rastegar Property Company and wife of CEO Ari Rastegar, leads the charge.
Kellie envisions community service as being as integral to Rastegar as real estate investment. “Many companies do it for the optics, as an afterthought,” she says. “We want our social responsibility to be as near to our core identity as anything else.”

To achieve Kellie’s vision, Rastegar Property Company provides financial support and monthly volunteering to a wide variety of organizations in Austin, Dallas, and elsewhere. The Maharishi Foundation, FC Westlake, and the Ocean Cleanup Project are just a few of Rastegar’s many partners.

“Kellie’s compassion has no limits,” says Ari. “She’s leading the charge on some incredible projects to give back to the communities that have supported us for so many years. She’s also a really inspiring advocate for environmental responsibility.”

The Rastegar team believes in a strong commitment to environmental consciousness and best practices in conservation. In addition to contributions to the Ocean Cleanup Project, Rastegar also volunteers for local cleanup efforts. “Everything worthwhile starts with our communities, cities, and planet being clean and healthy places to live,” says Kellie. “We’re not shy about sharing our success or getting our hands dirty to make that happen.”

Rastegar is working tirelessly to add and expand its community partnerships. Kellie meets constantly with new organizations to discuss ways she and the Rastegar team can better support local communities.

“I’m so happy with what we’ve accomplished so far,” says Kellie. “Our team has been spectacular in supporting our vision to make Rastegar inseparable from community service and social responsibility. I’m really excited to see what comes next!”