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Keira Knightley Reveals Discomfort Of Male Gaze

Keira Knightley has opened up about her discomfort in being under the ‘male gaze’ while filming scenes. The actress revealed in a conversation with Lulu Wang and Diane Solway, writer-producer on the Chanel Connects podcast.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actress shared her decision to add a no-nudity clause to her contract after becoming a mother; was partly because of vanity. She talked about the ‘male gaze’ and why she feels this way.

The actress said, “It’s the male gaze. If I was making a story that was about that journey of motherhood and body acceptance; I feel like, I’m sorry, but that would have to be with a female filmmaker”. She further explained that she does not have an absolute ban but she does with men.

Keira shared that she does not wish to do those horrible sex scenes; where everyone is all greased up and grunting. She said she is not interested in doing that as she expressed how uncomfortable she feels trying to portray the male gaze. The Imitation Game star said, “Saying that, there are times where I go; ‘Yeah, I completely see where this sex would be really good in this film; and you basically just need somebody to look hot.’”

The actress explained that on can use somebody else; because she is too vain and her body has had two children now. She feels like not standing in front of a group “of men naked.”. Keira and Lulu had discussed how the ongoing coronavirus pandemic had changed their plans. The writer has said that she would be in Hong Kong at the time to prepare the shoot and scout locations.

She was referring to her Amazon original series The Expatriates; which will revolve around the personal and professional lives of a group of expatriates. Knightley, who pulled out of the Apple TV Plus series “The Essex Serpent” last year due to family reasons during the pandemic, said she is due to film in and around London. Next up for the actor is the comedy “Silent Night.”

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