Katy Perry Says ‘Tornado’ Marriage to Russell Brand Was ‘Full of Friction’

Katy Perry opened up about her previous marriage to Russell Brand. She described it as challenging and said it was full of friction.

The singer opened up about her previous relationship after giving birth to her first child, Daisy Dove Bloom with fiance, Orlando Bloom. She was married to Russell Brand for 14 months. Katy revealed that the relationship came under a lot of pressure.

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In an appearance in 60 Minutes Australia, she revealed that she was having great success when she was 23, 24 and 25. The singer went on and said but she met someone that was stimulating and interesting. She said, “It was just like a tornado. It was everything happening once…”

Katy further added that she resonated with friction, resistance and challenges. She added: “I know that inherently [about myself]. Like, ‘OK, it’s gonna take a lot of work but oh, we’re gonna get somewhere great,’ or, ‘It’s gonna be a beautiful diamond.”

The singer revealed that she thought it is going to turn into something great. Talking about her relationship with fiance, Orlando, she described it as healthy frictional but solid. The singer added that it is very communicative and open and nothing is swept under the mat.

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Katy went on: “It’s like, we should probably walk into the other room to discuss when we disagree because we’ll do it in public.” The Fireworks singer said if the couple get to the end of their lives together, they will be each other’s greatest teachers.

Katy also described the relationship as solid and said it is the main course. The popstar married Russell in India in 2010 after a whirlwind romance, but the relationship faltered and the comedian dumped her by text.

Katy and Orlando Welcome Daisy

Katy Perry recently welcomed her first baby Daisy Dove Bloom, who she shares with fiance, Orlando Bloom. She also released her brand new album, Smile on Friday, a day after giving birth.

The singer joked that she might give birth to her second child along with the release of her album. Katy and Orlando announced the birth of their baby girl on Thursday through UNICEF.

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Katy had announced her pregnancy back in March as a surprise to all her fans with the release of her music video, ‘Never Worn White’. Talking about her pregnancy, the singer revealed in SiriusXM that it wasn’t on accident. She said at the time that she feels grateful for everything she has been able to achieve. Katy further added that she has tried to create this space in her own life for new things to come in.

The Fireworks singer said, ” I’m not running myself too ragged and like, you know, creating space for something new to happen like this. And I think we were both looking forward to this new interval of life and sharing this, so, that’s kind of how it happens, you know?”

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Katy has been open about her pregnancy and given updates to her fans about the same. She said it hasn’t been bad but it has been a little lethargic. The singer added that she has been leaning in to gaining the weight and that she is comfortable with it. She joked, “I’m looking like Shrek a little bit and Orlando’s looking like the Hulk,” she cracked. “Orlando’s getting fit and I’m getting square. But, you know, it’s all worth it. I’m leaning into the COVID 30.”

However, Katy went on to meet Orlando Bloom at an after-party of Golden Globes 2016. They began dating shortly after that. The couple ended their relationship in 2017 but got back together in 2018.

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On Valentine’s day of 2019, Orlando popped the question to Katy after an American Idol taping in Los Angeles. Katy is currently awaiting the release of her new album, Smile. She has given a lot of insight into her pregnancy while promoting her new album.


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