Kartik Dhami The Upcoming Entrepreneur Taking Over The Digital Space

Social media has created several niches under its umbrella out of which one is influencer marketing. With time, many brands have started to collaborate with the influencers to raise awareness among the people. Today we tell you about a social media influencer named Kartik Dhami who also holds specialization in influencer marketing. He is a young entrepreneur and a marketing expert who knows how to market brands with bringing influencers in the picture. He believes that the reputation of an influencer relies on the brands they are associated with.

In recent years, Kartik has helped several small scale brands to grow over the web. Not only he gives the brands the exposure, but the influencers also get the popularity by endorsing the brands. While electronic media and print media have played a pivotal role in helping the people make their purchasing decisions, social media has taken over both the mediums. Kartik states that the majority of the people, to be precise more than 60% of teenagers and youth trust influencers to pick up their favourite brands or products. Thus, the influencers have created a strong impact on the audiences and are a perfect bridge between the end-users and the brands.

While speaking about the category that tops the list in influencer marketing, Kartik said, “Fashion and beauty companies are being benefitted the most. They depend on influencers as many fashion and beauty products are being endorsed by influencers who attract a larger number of audience.” Being an influencer himself, Kartik Dhami very well knows how things work in marketing. “Many bloggers have paid promotions with brands. These collaborations have worked big time and influencer marketing has easily excelled than the print marketing in generating sales of the product”, added Kartik. He concluded by predicting that the demand for influencer marketing will see many brands leveraging on internet personalities in the coming years.