Kamaal R Khan Calls Salman Khan A ‘Bollywood Goon’ As Legal Battle Drags On News

Kamaal R Khan Calls Salman Khan A ‘Bollywood Goon’ As Legal Battle Drags On

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Time icon June 1, 2021

The lesser known actor and the famous self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan said that although many people are now against him, he will not lose sight of his real target.

KRK, as he is best known as, is involved in a legal battle with actor Salman Khan.

In the days that followed after Salman started a lawsuit against KRK, singer Mika Singh and former Bigg Boss contestant Aly Goni also took a stand against the critic KRK.

What Did KRK Say?

KRK on Tuesday posted on Twitter that he did not know at all some of the people who spoke ill of him, using the language of ‘their gawar boss (uneducated boss).’

He wrote in Hindi, “What kind of Bollywood goon are you, you have to take the support of a flop artist, a struggling and unknown model and a useless Bigg Boss competitor. You’re scared. But I now have you in my sight, I will not waver, no matter how hard you try.”

KRK also questioned the lack of public support from Bollywood’s general statistics. “You are a real 2-rs person,” he wrote, without naming anyone.

Defamation Lawsuit

While Salman’s lawyers have filed a defamation suit against KRK for alleged corruption, KRK insisted it was in retaliation for his negative review of Salman’s latest film, Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai.

Aly, who appeared in Bigg Boss 14, hosted by Salman, posted one of KRK’s tweets on Instagram and wrote in Hindi, “Doesn’t this idiot have a very high opinion of himself?”

Singer Mika, on the other hand, told a leading daily newspaper, “daily, “A lot of actors have complained to me about KRK in the past and I had even yelled at him several times, even when he had spoken wrongly about Sara Ali Khan. I have a good relationship with Salman bhai but at the same time, it is my responsibility to call out wrong things, since I am a part of the same industry.

Everyone should have united and spoken out much before.” He has also announced a diss track against KRK.

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