Kaliwae Drops A Preview Of Her New Song Cappin

Cappin is the most recent hit from rapper Kaliwae. A mix of a fruity loop coupled with insightful lyrics makes this song a captivating piece. Her sassy savage heartbeat can be felt when listening. “I try to create multiple vibes to stay diverse, I want my music to touch the majority of women.” Her music is a reflection of intuitive feelings that characterize her existence as a rapper- fun, catchy, and risky! The term cappin brings out an anthem that unites sexy women together. But why this headline?

“In 2020, the word cappin is slang for lying. So, if someone says something that’s not true, then they’re cappin!” Being a female entertainer comes with lots of exciting experiences that can only be expressed in an artistic manner. For example, lots of guys who follow Kaliwae slide into her dm’s straight ‘cappin’. They create unrealistic fantasies and use appealing words to grab her intention- women like hearing all this but not Kaliwae. She dislikes people who pretend, and rapping gives her a chance to express this preference.

While she uses social media for marketing her brand as an artist, Kaliwae has not failed to notice the lies sustained by some of her followers. “People take pictures with money that isn’t theirs, drive cars they rented, wear fake jewelry and all. I just made ‘cappin’ to bring light to the situation in a sassy but savage type of way.” Platforms like Instagram should connect users who share similar interests and bring entertainers together to address social norms. However, the need to appear famous distorts the essence of using technology as a means of reaching out to the world. Kaliwae and her music are more of a reminder to keep it simple and real as you socialize.

The beats and rhymes in this song are outstanding, a true definition of the hip-hop spirit in play. The best way to be relevant in a competitive music industry is to tailor musical intentions with trending norms that can be appreciated by fans. Kaliwae did exactly this, released a fast-paced song that can elevate the mood of any crowd. You can dance to the beats recite the words at the same time. Evert word resonates with her personal experience as a rapper and as a woman.

Cappin is a vibe that young women can relate to. It is not easy to inspire everyone as a musician, but Kaliwae is doing it in the most creative way possible. She does not feel any pressure to attain her stardom status; instead, patience is a virtue that she sustains. Kaliwae’s parting shot to others pursuing music is, “it only takes one song to take you to the next level!”

Listen to a preview of ‘Cappin’ here: