Kagaz Ki Kashti Grand Collectors’ edition pack launched in Mumbai

Kaagaz Launch

Industry bigwigs attend the event

Kagaz ki Kashti’ collectors’ edition pack launch happened in Mumbai’s Royal Western India Turf Club to celebrate the 77th birth anniversary of Padma Bhushan Jagjit Singh.

Mr.Brahmanand S.Singh, director of the highly acclaimed documentary movie, Kagaz Ki Kashti, based on the life of Late Gazal Maestro Jagjit Singh had created this edition from the archives of the movie with plenty of unseen footage and moments.

The event was attended by some of the most prominent names from all spheres, including wife of late singer Ms.Chitra Singh and his grandson Mr. Armaan Chowdhury, Shri Gulzar, Vivek Vaswani, Anup Soni, Mithun, and many leading composers and singers and noted journalists.

Kaagaz Launch
Chitra Singh and her grandson, Armaan Chowdhury

Visibly touched, a nostalgic Ms.Chitra Singh remembered his music, quoted “It wasn’t music, it was his soul”.

Close friend and lyricist Gulzar Sahab said ” It was as if Ghalib left his ghazals with him and said that you take care of my poetry.”

Mr.Armaan Chowdhury, grandson of the late singer, said “What a beautifully nuanced peer into the man he was.”

The event was followed by a special musical evening and announcement of year long celebrations of Jagjit Singh’s life story and mesmerizing music.

‘Kagaz ki Kashti’ is a 127 minute film by national award winning director Brahmanand S Singh capturing the essence of Jagjit Singh’s charm, elegance and soulful music. It is amongst the highest rated movies on IMdB and has been an entrant to the world renowned Cannes Film Festival.