Julianne Hough comments on Brooks Laich’s ‘thirst trap’ pic amid reconciliation rumours

Two months after announcing their separation, Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich seem to be sparking rumours of getting back together. One thing is clear though, there is no bad blood between the former couple.

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“The first one was so damn fun that I had to do a sequel!”

On Wednesday, the former Dancing with the Stars judge, showed some love to her estranged NHL star husband, on his latest “thirst trap” post on Instagram. In the photo, Laich is seen wearing nothing but an apron and showing off his pancake-flipping skills while holding a cocktail glass and standing in a lake.


“Get your ‘cakes hot off the griddle! Thirst trap round 2! ????????.” Laich captioned the post.“The first one was so damn fun that I had to do a sequel! Caption this photo, and the best one gets a follow back!” Laich captioned the pic. “Also, when you see it you’ll know… #happyhumpday ???? Thanks @hebercannon for once again helping me shred all my credibility with one ????… ????‍♂️???? The athlete also gave a “massive shout out” to @kristysowin and @hayley.erbert – you know why ????????‍♀️,” the latter of whom is dating Julianne’s brother, Derek Hough.

Hough was one of the many people to comment on Laich’s post, writing, “That booty though ????.”

Laich’s previous ‘thirst trap’ picture

By the looks of it, the couple seem to still be quite friendly despite calling it quits in May. News of their split came after months of rumors surrounding their relationship, especially since they socially distanced apart amid the coronavirus pandemic. In late May, the couple released an official joint statement confirming their decision to split after three years of marriage.

Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich Split After 2 Years of Marriage

As mentioned, this was indeed Laich’s sequel picture, since he posted his first ever “thirst trap” on Instagram back in May. Which was just two days before he and Julianne confirmed their separation. In the photo, Laich stood shirtless as he posed in knee-high water and toted a chainsaw, an ax and a belt featuring other heavy-duty tools.

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Hough seemed to be approving of the playfully steamy post, and showed her support in the comments. “This is awesome haha ????????,” she wrote. “Also the fact that you just figured out what a thirst trap is… ????.”

” It doesn’t seem like either one of them is ready to close the door for good”

An Insider source has revealed that both, the Dancing With the Stars alum and former hockey pro, have expressed wanting to give their relationship another shot. “To say things are complicated would be an understatement,” the insider shares, “but it doesn’t seem like either one of them is ready to close the door for good.”

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Reportedly, Brooks, has only recently warmed up to the idea of getting back together with Julianne. “At first Brooks was not open to reconciling,” the source tells us. “She bruised his ego and left him feeling humiliated, but he never stopped loving her. He was doing all of this to give her what she needed. Now that some time has passed, it seems like he’s more open to the idea of reconciling. It’s been a very fluid situation. They still love each other, and the lines of communication are open,” adds the insider.

“Definitely still open to getting back together with Julianne”

The estranged couple’s latest social media interaction comes after a source recently revealed that Laich is “definitely still open to getting back together with Julianne.”

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“If that were an option, he would be all in,” the insider said. “Her friends and family love him, and everyone is pulling for him. He’s a great guy, and they would love to see Julianne give things another chance.”

“They are both a bit anxious and in the past have gone back and forth in terms of their relationship, so things are always up in the air with them,” an insider told.

“It really hit her that maybe she moved too quickly”

Apparently, Brooks is not the only one looking to patch things up. According to reports, Prior to their split, Julianne had felt like “there was more out there in the world for her to experience, and that perhaps she had settled down into married life too soon.”

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“With the world now on pause,” the source explains, “Julianne doesn’t have the distractions she had several months ago and finds herself missing Brooks. It really hit her over her birthday that maybe she moved too quickly and didn’t appreciate what she and Brooks had together.”

Fans have also been speculating a probable patch-up for the couple, especially since the Safe Haven actress has lately been sharing cryptic quotes on her Instagram Stories. Only time will tell if the couple decide to put their differences aside and get back together.

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