Josh Gad: America Has ‘Shown To Be Dangerously Racist’ in 2020 Election

Josh Gad has expressed how disappointed he is with the ongoing US presidential election. The actor took to his social media to reveal that he thinks Joe Biden will be the candidate to win after all the votes are counted.

The Frozen star also expressed how disappointed he is in how many millions of Americans actually voted for Donald Trump. As per Friday’s status of the election had Trump over 69 million votes. Meanwhile, Biden is leading with 73 million votes.

Josh also said how this makes America “dangerously” racist. He wrote, “There can be two truths. Biden IS going to win this thing AND America has shown itself to be dangerously racist, pathetic, and more willing to vote for hatred than their own lives.” However, he showed hope by writing that at the least they will get to fight another day.

Many celebrities have made sure to make their voices heard as they also push the message of “Every Vote Counts”. The message has been circulating the internet with millions of people voicing the same. This comes after the President made false statements and demanded the voting to be counted only till the election day.

Trump made claims of having illegal votes without any proof whatsoever, which has enraged people worldwide. Ashton Kutcher also took to Twitter to voice out how democracy matters the most. He also shared a photo that said, “KEEP CALM AND COUNT.”

“It’s All Lies & It’s Not Going To Go Anywhere”- Mark Ruffalo

Comedian Sarah Silverman also shared a similar sentiment and wrote how in a democracy, every vote is counted. Along with these stars, Ava Longoria and Ellen DeGeneres also took to Twitter to voice out how every vote matters. As the president tried to disregard democracy, Ava wrote how leaders are chosen by the people. She continued that for true democracy to work means to count every vote.

Meanwhile, Ellen also shared hashtags #everyvotecounts #counteveryvote #electionprotection. Chris Evans also took to his social media to address the Republicans after Trump’s unproven claims and wrote, “Wow. Hey Republicans, are you listening to this come-to-life toilet spew complete lies about the integrity of our democratic process?”

His Avengers co-star Mark Ruffalo also shared his thoughts and wrote how there is not a single shred of evidence for anything that Trump was claiming. He added, “It’s all lies and it’s not going to go anywhere with the courts he has lost all but one lawsuit because he has no credible claims.”

Kelly Rowland also wrote, “We are watching a sad kid not get his way, and he’s having a temper tantrum. And now, he’s trying to build a case. How you gon’ ‘make America Great Again’, and make a plan to sue it?!”


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