‘Johnny Depp Is No Wife-Beater’ Says Actor Mark Rylance

Mark Rylance, Oscar-winning actor has come forward in support of Johnny Depp. The actor told The Times that the accusations made by Amber Heard against Depp were not consistent.

Johnny is waiting for the High Court’s judgment for the libel trial that was held against The Sun newspaper. In an article published by the newspaper, Johnny Depp was called a wife-beater.

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Sir Mark is starring opposite Johnny in the movie, Waiting for the Barbarians. He told the network that his impression of Johnny was “very loving, and very sensitive and very trustworthy person.” The actor also revealed that Johnny was very shy.

Mark said that at the time of filming, the accusations against him were of physical violence. He added, “And he obviously denied this and I found his denial completely believable. It didn’t seem to be part of his character at all.”

Rylance plays a magistrate in an unnamed colonial outpost seeking an easy retirement in the film adaptation of JM Coetzee’s 1980 novel of the same name. He begins to question where his loyalties truly lie with the arrival of the sinister Colonel Joll, played by Depp.

Mark further opened up earlier this week in his interview with the Radio Times. He said when he reads or hears things about stars, he was not sure how it would be like. The actor said he had no idea if Johnny would be in vain, shattered, or broken by the things he has gone through. However, he said it wasn’t like that at all.

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Mark said, “I’ve never, ever heard him say a bad word about anyone. All his stories are loving and amusing.”

Depp And Heard’s Case

Lawyers of The Sun, Sasha Wass QC, still claims that Depp was the one violent with Amber Heard. She said he committed acts of violence fueled by misogyny and unleashed by addiction to alcohol and drugs.

Depp sued The Sun’s publishers and executive editor for posting an article deeming him as a ‘wife-beater’. However, both Depp and Heard’s reputation seem to be at stake. The case went on for about three weeks. The first week, evidence and testimony were provided by Depp following witnesses backing his claims. Heard also testified and had fewer witnesses to back her claims.

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Heard has made 14 allegations against Depp which is supported by The Sun claiming he was the violent one in the relationship. However, Depp’s evidence and testimony from his witnesses have proved otherwise. The 14 allegations were held in the settings including his private island in the Bahamas, a rented house in Australia. Depp’s finger was severed in contested circumstances there. And the couple’s downtown Los Angeles penthouse, which was trashed during the couple’s altercations.

Depp gave evidence for five days claiming Heard was the one who abused him and not the other way around. He denied all allegations made by Heard. His claims were backed up by several of his former and current employees admitting to having witnessed Heard being violent to Depp. The list of witnesses also included former romantic partners Vanessa Paradis and Winona Ryder. They claimed in a written statement that Heard was never violent and they only know him to be kind.

Depp admitted to the intake of drugs and alcohol but denies having ever hurt Heard under the influence or otherwise. His employees also claim he undertook it but assured that he never lost control.

An Anonymous Clip Has Heard Hitting Her Sister

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Summarizing the defense case, Wass said that “a deep misogyny … lay at the root of Mr. Depp’s anger”. She added: “He created a misogynistic persona of (Heard) as the stereotype of a nagging woman.” Wass also said Depp branded Heard “a gold-digger, a shrew and an adulterer” in order to discredit her.

Johnny Depp’s lawyers proved that Amber Heard was the abuser. The attorneys of the actor said they received an audiovisual clip from an anonymous person.

This comes after Heard’s sister Henriquez’s testimony. She said she is not scared of her sister and neither has Heard ever been violent towards her. However, Henriquez was shown this video and asked if she lied. But she denied having lied to the London court.

Depp’s lawyers claim they received it from a confidential source and that Heard was violent towards her sister. They received the clip hours after Henriquez testified backing Heard’s claims.

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The video was shown in court on Friday and the last two slides summed up the arguments. It was from an unused clip from a reality show that happened in 2006 or 2007. The video includes Henriquez along with the pool with a group of female friends. Her friends asked her if she had been in a fight and later on they said they can’t believe that Amber beat her up. Another appears to inspect Henriquez’s cheek and arm, and Henriquez says she is not going to talk about it.

Depp has denied ever being violent with the actress, claiming she was the abusive one in the relationship. He is suing the British tabloid The Sun over a 2018 story that labeled him a “wife-beater.”


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