JILLIAH and Its Jilliahsmen Trinity, gain commercial traction.

Jilliahsmen Trinity, the book, film, music and toy franchise from the Dark Force JILLIAH (previously known as film director Jacky Jhaj), is gaining social, commercial and financial traction fuelled by the “While I Live” concert world tour, embarked instantly upon JILLIAH’s release from jail.

Humble beginnings saw the release of a single “Bible” known as JT 1.0 in 2018, introducing an obscure universe afar from our own. A secret school at the center of the universe governing all existence through the teaching of a unique god JILLIAH. The universe grew into a series. The series grew into a 3 tier multi-series. Fellowships led to music and toys from this merchandising machine. Then a concert world tour and finally it is clear for taking off.

So what is behind the success of this iconic trinity. Well… for me, it’s two-fold. A controversial artist and a unique story. One not possible without the other. Sum total: art world blessing.

Jilliahsmen Trinity shot to fame when it emerged the subject being tracked in the Dangerous Sexual Predator Documentary was indeed the Dark Force JILLIAH, author (from jail) of the Jilliahsmen Trinity Book-Film Series. Critical acclaim for Jilliahsmen Trinity shortly followed when it was uncovered the universe being foretold was far closer to home for the author than anything previously witnessed by readers in the sci-fi fantasy arena. A popular culture hard rock evil god figure as the cover-boy for the franchise proved more than just a gimmick when chronicles, series, albums, art, and toys brought to fruition the entire breadth of a secret religion upon which the Jilliahsmen Trinity Universe is based.

The plot is built around the idea of a divide within the cosmos between a trillion connotations that can be boiled down to the night sky. Darkness vs Brightness. This divide in the cosmos is consequent to a conflict. This conflict can be felt in our hearts and was felt in the heart of the Almighty father of the universe before time. The big bang went off to put in motion the final test. Within this final test, it is up to the adversary, JILLIAH and his trinity, to prove love true to forever make win the cosmos enabling its almighty father to eternally rest in peace. With this as the premise for the biblical backdrop, Jilliahsmen Trinity enters present-day popular culture in a Corporate Wizarding World meets New-age Clueless slapstick with a peonage that catches all off guard in the author’s calculated methodology to deliver its supremely philosophical truth in contemporary society’s digestive of choice.

Convicted, Jacky (JILLIAH) Jhaj, the original Dangerous Sexual Predator of London, England, served 4 years for his crimes in notorious Wormwood Scrubs Jail, from where he penned and distributed 8 Books and 3 series of the Jilliahsmen Trinity Universe currently in book stores globally. Having run a multi-million dollar global billboard eclipse campaign from behind bars, it was not until the release of the Dangerous Documentary by the met police, that notoriety was amassed for his obscure religion.

Since release from jail, JILLIAH’s “While I Live” Music Album, a product of the JT Universe, has sold out concerts at world heritage sites such as the Oxford University, Broadmoor Hospital, and the British Museum to name a few. Having embarked on an iconic first of its kind World Tour, “exclusively at venues deemed pillar stones of the trinity’s objective”, Jilliahsmen Trinity is set to enlist the new world generation to its order.