Jeweler Leo Frost Makes Custom Pendant for NBA’s Tyler Herro

Leo Frost! That’s the name of the nations newest celebrity jeweler who’s taking the business by storm. An enthusiastic entrepreneur, who works with athletes, celebrities, and rappers across the country, showcasing his creative talent. He recently sold a 48k piece to NBA sensation Tyler Herro of the Miami Heat. “He got custom a 18K Gold TH logo pendant handset with vvs white and blue diamonds and a two-tone baby red and white 14k gold vs diamond cuban chain. Leo Frost shared some insights about his fascination with making jewelry and the unique target market he’s selected.

“My family is very business-oriented, we constantly push each other to try to be better in every aspect of life.” A captivating statement from a man who was raised by immigrant parents. Frost admits that he didn’t grow up rich which inspired everyone within his family to work harder and smarter. He further adds, “My mom is a queen and the backbone of our family. She has gone through the toughest times and always made sure we were happy no matter what was happening. She’s the one who got me into selling jewelry.”

Role Models

Aside from his mother, Leo looked up to other famous jewelers while growing up, such as Iceman Nick, King Johnny, Greg Yuna and Ben Baller. All of which created many different styles of jewelry, demonstrating their creativity through art. “Seeing what they did was so cool growing up as a kid, they inspired me to be a jeweler and to one day create my own impact in the game.”

His mother taught him about the importance of taking risk in business. Iconic jewelers taught him that uniqueness is paramount while in the game. These are aspects that he maintained when making the custom piece for Tyler Herro.

“We were choppin it up one day, right after he had got drafted and we just started talking about his new TH logo. One thing led to another and we were talking about chain and pendant designs. A few weeks later, he was in Houston playing the rockets and we ran into each other.

Next thing you know we were at the store picking our Cubans.” A vivid narration of how Leo sold the 48k piece to his new client. Since the sale, Leo Frost has maintained a friendship with Tyler Herro, as he does with all his clients. He friendships and business relationships all come with a touch of compassion, openness and empathy.

Custom Jeweler

Many jewelers prefer to market and sell things that they have already made and stocked. However, these products do not reflect the mentality or interests of clients- custom pieces create a strong connection between the buyer, creator and the jewel. The attachment that Leo Frost has fostered with his customers continues to be the basis of his growth and success. Which would explain why most of his clients consist of professional athletes, rappers and other celebrities.

When asked who he’d like to make jewelry for in the future he replied, “Connor McGregor, Kylian Mbappe and Odell Beckham JR. I believe one day it will happen, but for now, it’s a dream!”

Check out a video of the 48k masterpiece that Tyler Herro recently bought: