Jessica Alba Admits Needing A Break From Family Amid Coronavirus Pandemic News

Jessica Alba Admits Needing A Break From Family Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

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Time icon October 13, 2020

Jessica Alba reunited with Drew Barrymore to talk about parenting during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The actress opened up about the pressures of family life and got candid as she revealed she needs a break from her husband, Cash Warren, and their three children. She appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show via video call and revealed, “Real talk. I told everyone in the family that I need a break from them.”

The actress shared that she and Kelly are actually going to go away for a week. She also said she does not know what they are getting themselves into but she cannot be around her family.

Drew Barrymore and Jessica Alba reunite after Never Been Kissed

Jessica explained, “I’ve had it, I’ve had enough. And they all come down on me. Every time they ask me, ‘Mom can I download this app? Mom, can I get on the Facetime? Mom, I’m hungry. Is this outfit okay? Can you help me?'”

The founder of the Honest Company also added that she is trying to help get her husband to fulfill the kids’ demands. However, she revealed that her husband would often disappear in his man cave.

The actress said she starts nagging and then her kids tell her that her tone is mean. She further shared, And then Cash is like, ‘I guess I’m just going to go back into my main room,’ And I’m like, ‘What else is new?’ Just disappearing for me to deal with everything.”

Jessica also shared the struggle she has with the kid’s bedtime. She tells Drew to imagine if she has her 9-year-old and she does not want to go to bed, ao they keep fighting every night. The actress said kids have to go to bed and they shouldn’t even be talking about that.

Jessica And Drew Reminisce Never Been Kissed

The Good Luck Chuck actress explained, “Then she goes, “Well you make dinner so late every time you make dinner.” Here’s the thing, ‘I’m going to make dinner late. You’re going to eat late. Then you’re going to get your butt to bed right after that and that’s just the way it’s going to be. I don’t know what to say, I’m not perfect. You’re going to eat dinner late.'”

Jessica married Cash, a film producer in 2008. The couple lives in Los Angeles with their three children, Honor, 12, Haven, nine, and Hayes, two.

Jessica Alba with her husband, Cash and their three kids

Drew and Jessica looked back in time when they were filming Never Been Kissed in 1999. Drew noted that it has been 22 years since Never Been Kissed. Jessica also looked back and remembered that she had her 17th birthday on the set. The actress further gushed over Drew and said, “It felt like camp but you also really took so many people under your wing and guided them.”

Jessica thanked Drew and said a lot of them were just starting out and Drew set the stage for them. She further added that Drew gave them a platform to be successful.

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