Jennifer Lopez Gets Married In Latest Film Role, ‘Marry Me’ Trailer Out

The Latin star, Jennifer Lopez is getting married in a movie. Lopez stars in ‘Marry Me’ as Kat Valdez, as a Latin global star. She is seen engaged to the fellow singer Bastian, played by Maluma. The trailer speaks- Kat is on stage when she learns about that Bastian is cheating. While she was on the stage and she looks into the crowd. She sees a random match teacher. Played by Owen Wilson holding up a ‘Marry Me’ sign.

Kat invites Charlie up on stage, and they get married! The movie then follows the newlyweds navigating married life while in the public eye and being complete strangers! ‘Marry Me’ Stars Jennifer Lopez stars J.Lo as a Latin superstar who, after learning her fiancé has been cheating, picks out a stranger, played by Owen Wilson in the crowd of her concert and decides to marry him, right then and there!

Jennifer Lopez gets married in her latest film role, though not to the man whom she expected. The trailer for Marry Me dropped on Thursday, During a live concert, Kat learns the devastating news that Bastian is having an affair with her assistant. Sounds like the perfect premise for a rom-com to us!

Marry Me was filmed in 2019, in New York City. Movie was initially planned to be released in Feburaray 2021. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it got delayed by an entire year. ‘Marry Me’ was directed by Kat Coiro. It also stars John Bradley, Sarah Silverman, and Chloe Coleman. The film is in theaters on February 11, 2022, following COVID-19 delays.

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