Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Tell NYC Class of 2020 to Vote

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez delivered a moving speech for 2020 graduates of NYC.

The couple addressed the class of 2020 of New York City for a virtual ceremony held for their graduation. The Class of 2020 have been the only students who would not be able to get a proper graduation in their colleges due to the pandemic. In order to honour them, JLo and Alex came together to celebrate their graduation in a special way.

The couple prepared a heartfelt speech for the students of 2020. It is still unsafe for people to gather around in crowds due to which many states have held their graduation via a virtual ceremony.

In the joint speech, Alex began by addressing the class of 2020 and expressing his honour and excitement in celebrating their graduation. He continued saying that both their parents were immigrants and they gave them everything they can so that they live the American dream.

Jennifer acknowledged the hardwork the class have been through and expressed how proud their loved ones might be of them achieving this. She continued saying there have been ups and downs but we should continue to fight.

“You know we’ve had our ups and downs, but we continue to fight the fight,” Jennifer said.

JLo went on to express how no other class can relate to the class of 2020 as they are facing a global pandemic. With it, there is the fight against racial injustice that led to protests nationwide amid the coronavirus. She further explained how important it is to vote, protest, and making their voice heard against injustice. JLo reminds how all of this can make future leaders who lead the country ahead without any injustice.

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She further explained that the couple has been in their position but they will never be able to understand and be in their shoes. Jennifer said they did not have to sit at home and watch their teachers speak on the screen when graduating. She continued saying that they did not have to watch their loved ones feel sick and they did not have protests against racial injustice during their time.

The singer further explained that this generation had to go through some unique challenges. She said but with every great challenge there will be new opportunity. Jennifer explains like so many things in life, this also comes after accepting responsibility. She further explained what graduating means. “To graduate really means to elevate, to rise to the next level, to step up to something better,” Jennifer continued.

She also gave solution to systemic racism. Jennifer said that the only solution to systemic racism, inequality, and hate is systemic love and acceptance. She advised to always speak with love every chance we get. Jennifer says we need to get involved and march in the streets, sign petitions, make phone calls, etc. She said you can’t help the community if you don’t live with the community.

Jennifer further encouraged students to fight for the changed they want to see in the world. She continued saying that you may have earned a degree but you will not stop being students. Jennifer further encourages students to keep learning. She says change will only come until you push and work for it.

The class of 2020 is surely the luckiest of them all since they are getting a speech from Jennifer and Alex themselves. Let us hope that the future of 2020 abides by this and makes changes.

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