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Jay-Z provides private jet to Arbery’s attorneys


Jay-Z sends in a private jet for the lawyer of Ahmaud Arbery- an unarmed black man, who was chased and shot while jogging by two white police officers- so that he makes it to his client’s killers’ court hearing.

Ahmaud Arbery’s Case

The father and son duo, Gregory and Travis McMichael, are accused of killing Arbery while he was jogging, unarmed; while William “Roddie” Bryan Jr., who recorded the video of Arbery’s shooting, faces a felony murder charge.
S. Lee Meritt of Philadelphia’s Merritt Law Firm appreciated the superstar by helping him to get to Georgia, for a possible cause hearing for the three men charged for Arbery’s death.

An investigator from Georgia testified that one of the men used racial slur. The hearing concluded with the judge discovering the cause for the murder charges.

The initial hearing was organised outside the Glynn County Court, where the protestors managed to assemble.

Ahmaud’s lawyers appreciate Jay-Z

S. Lee Meritt took to Instagram to appreciate Jay-Z in a post where he wrote: “When you absolutely have to be in Court to stand with your client and righteous protestors for justice … Jay Z sends his private jet. That’s part of the P.P.E plan to get us out of this Crisis (People Power Political Power Economic Power) #PPE”

Meritt’s legal colleague also took to Instagram to post about Jay-Z’s last-minute aid saying, him and his colleague were facing difficulties to find transportations to the hearing.

“Court hearing in Brunswick, Georgia this morning. No flights to take us there last night. @leemerrittesq and I spent hours trying to find flights or cars. At 1 am we started losing hope till we got a call from Jay Z’s people at Roc Nation who chartered a flight for us to attend this hearing with the family of Ahmaud Arbery,” he wrote. Thankful for their support.”

Both men stood outside jet with red t-shirts inscribed with the words “LEGAL OBSERVER.”

S Lee Meritt's Instagram post

Jay-Z has not made any comments on this matter so far. He has been actively participating in getting justice for George Floyd.

Team ROC, his philanthropic arm has helped families who have faced similar situations. Jay-Z also worked with fellow activists to take out a full-page ad in the newspapers for George Floyd.

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