James Gunn Reveals The Future Of The Guardians Of The Galaxy After Last Sequel

James Gunn has already declared that Volume 3 of the Guardians of the Galaxy will be the last of them. But will the Guardians ever return to the MCU for other films? It’s true, that the future of the beloved guardians remains undecided.

Fans are even curious to know whether their beloved characters have a future after the last installment. Well, James Gunn has finally given a verdict on whether the Guardians will return or not. Let’s get to know this further in this article.

The Guardians Of The Galaxy were first introduced in the year 2014. They also appeared in the last two movies of the Infinity Saga to save the universe besides the Avengers. By Avengers: Endgame, The Guardians left along with Thor & Valkyrie. That’s why they even appeared in Thor: Love & Thunder for a shorter time. The story of them will now continue in its Third Volume.

Recently, Disney+ also released a Holiday Special presentation for all the fans of the Guardians. It was a short Marvel presentation with an adorable story and a big revelation about Star-Lord & Mantis.

James Gunn On The Future Of The Guardians

Recently James Gunn posted a poster of the Guardians of the Galaxy, describing the movie to be the “end of an era”. That’s when his post caught a fan’s attention, who wasn’t really ready to accept the fact that it was the end. As the fan in the comment section wrote that he knows Marvel will be making more such Guardians film and will include them in other movies as well. Just like they included them in ” Thor: Love & Thunder”.

Replying to this die-hard fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, James Gunn clarified that “not all of them” will return for other movies. This is clearly good news and bad news for the fans. The good news is that they will still have that hope to see some of their beloved characters again. But the bad news is, fans have to bid adieu to some characters they have watched for a decade.

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