Jake Paul Calls Out MMA Fighter Jorge Masvidal; Takes A Jibe At UFC Boss Dana White

The Problem Child is showing no signs of slowing down! The YouTuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul has called out yet another MMA fighter for a boxing match.

While Jake Paul has received his fare share of criticism for not fighting ‘actual’ boxers, he does not bat an eye upon the critics as he is busy extending his professional win streak.

The YouTuber is 4-0 as a professional fighter after he defeated former UFC champ Tyron Woodley in his latest boxing match via split decision.

‘Will Daddy Dana Let You Come Out?’

Recently, he called out Jorge Masvidal for a fight worth ‘millions’ in a video. Jake Paul also took a jibe at ‘Daddy Dana’. You can the video clip below:

“Jorge, got some millions for you to fight. Is your daddy (Dana White) going to let you come out? Is he gonna let you come out and play, Daddy Dana? F**king B**ch”44.44

Jake Paul and Dana White were never on good terms since Jake’s rise to fame as a professional boxer. The two regularly take jibes at one another at press conferences and Twitter.

Jake Paul believes that Dana White is trying to ‘discredit’ all his boxing achievements, White says that Paul is already ‘losing appeal’.

Who Will Jake Paul Fight Next?

The younger Paul brother is currently living his best life from partying to spending time with his girlfriend, Julia Rose. The YouTuber also proposed to his girlfriend in an Instagram comment recently.

Who Jake fights next is definitely a suspense at the moment but we for sure know one thing – It’s gonna be MASSIVE! So far, Jake Paul has suggested fighting Tommy Fury and some others.

Tell us in the comments who you think would finally get in that ring with Jake Paul.


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