J Thuro: Creating New Trends In International Hip-Hop News

J Thuro: Creating New Trends In International Hip-Hop

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Time icon October 21, 2020

I just jumped out the shower and feeling like I just hit the lottery! It is a beautiful Friday night on South Beach and the ocean breeze is the prefect human air dryer for my body.  Sean John clothing company delivered these gorgeous “Herringbone Jacquard” towels, which wrap around body like “Kelly Rowland” in my dreams every night. 

The Eden Rock Hotel never disappoints and waiting on my bed is customized fruit platter from “Edible arrangements”.  I love balcony views, the power of mother nature and it’s infinite allure is a humbling experience.  Playing music, burning incense, and eating exotic fruit in view of God’s eyes is the highest level of serenity. 

Before my meeting at “NOBU” tonight, I am preparing a press release for Major Recording Artist J Thuro from Brooklyn.  I never travel without my red and black Apple Beats Pill speakers.  Both speakers are blasting “Double Tree” and instantly I hear this tropical Caribbean luxury type sound and my body starts dancing on its own.  The energy of the record punches you right in the face and commands 100% attention.  The lyrics of “Double Tree” recite like a karaoke party in Brooklyn, New York. 

When J Thuro says:

Passport stamps and a life full of memories

Flowing through your hair feel the ocean breeze

“Double Tree” is the perfect international record for any person singing in the shower, catching vibes in the club, line dancing at the family bbq, or dropping the top on your convertible and racing down the highway.  “Double Tree” creates raw feelings of inspiration, decadent lifestyle dreams, and dancehall reggae vibes infused with the spirit of Bob Marley.  As I am putting on my custom-made Joseph Abboud suit, “Double Tree” has increased my energy level to “Diddy” status. 

I am feeling like I can run a New York city marathon and sellout Madison Square Garden in the same day! The track “Double Tree” separates J Thuro from “average” independent artist.  Most artist’s do not understand the process of balancing emotion, transparent lyrical content, and leveraging their God-given ability in 5 minutes or less.  J Thuro reminds me of why I love music.  Music is the only platform in the world where a star can be born and illuminated simultaneously.   J Thuro represents the bold and unapologetic energy of Music Millennials worldwide.  

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