Iron Man’s Greatest Fear Was Always Going To Happen, According To Loki

The Loki episode 4 post-credits sequence proves that Tony Stark was always correct in concentrating his efforts as Iron Man on safeguarding the planet, since the apocalypse was always waiting around the corner. The fourth episode of Loki is full of startling twists.

During the episode’s post-credits scene, Sylvie and Loki learn that the Time-Keepers are cybernetic puppets, Mobius is clipped by Ravonna Renslayer, and Loki is welcomed by other Loki variants in a post-apocalyptic New York.

Loki’s presence foreshadows a few significant revelations. The first is the notion that cut variations are sent to secret timelines rather than dying, implying that Mobius is still alive. The TVA’s true goals are also called into question, as is the presence of a demolished New York buried somewhere in the Sacred Timeline. This scenario could be based on a Loki version that was successful in bringing the Chitauri to Earth, albeit the particular location of this time is unknown.

Worst Nightmares

Tony Stark’s biggest dread is captured by the vision of a destroyed Manhattan. Stark promised to devote all of his efforts to protecting the world after surviving the Ten Rings’ attack, and after nearly dying trying to stop an atomic bomb at the end of the Battle of New York in The Avengers, Stark developed a deep fear of catastrophes that drove him to save the world at all costs.

His devotion resulted in terrible events such as the fall of Sokovia in Avengers: Age of Ultron and the Avengers’ dissolution in Captain America: Civil War. Despite Iron Man’s constant failures, the defeat of Thanos and Iron Man’s death in Avengers: Endgame provided a bittersweet conclusion to Tony Stark’s continuous worries.

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