Internet Comedian Kamyar’s Viral Videos are taking Instagram by storm

Amir Hamdollahzadeh, popularly known as Kamyar is an Iranian entertainer who is a comedian, musician and also a professional trainer. Kamyar loves bringing humor wherever he goes and, more specifically, on social media platforms like Instagram and Tik tok.

Kamyar was born in Tehran, Iran on December 17, 1994; he graduated from Cambridge school of Malaysia. The multitalented entertainer is not only an Instagram sensation, but he’s also a professional athlete and fitness trainer.

The entertainer left Iran and relocated to Malaysia at the age of 15 years. While in Malaysia, in-between 2013 to 2014, Kamyar enrolled for a physical Education course and later on started his fitness career at the age of 16. Along with the Nutrition and physical education certificates Amir has, he adds to the list an International coaching degree from the IFBB America and also EHFA from Germany.

Amir gained social media stardom when he showcased his artistic side by posting funny videos on his Instagram account. What started as a joke, pun intended, made him gain popularity. When it comes to fitness, Kamyar is a force to reckon with, having won lots of championship medals over the years shows that he is focused on achieving his life goals and objectives. He says his style of comedy is all about creativity, improvisation, and uniqueness.

Having a massive following on Instagram and being the popular Viner that he is, Amir says that despite numerous offers from different directors to take part in acting, he respectfully declined. He explains that the reason why he refused the acting roles offered was that he felt they didn’t suit his persona. He adds that his audience and fans have high expectations of him and that he is more than willing to take a role that best suits his persona.

The entertainer says that besides his love for comedy, he is also very passionate about music.

Kamyar is also a musician by profession, making smashing hit singles such as king of Boznale, Goole Aksamo nakhor, and sookot that are currently available on Spotify and Apple music. The sky is the limit for this young entertainer as he plans to go to mainstream with his music. He is planning on an album release and even collaborating with international superstars in future.

The entertainer says that he chose the entertainment industry because of his passion for being on the limelight and making people laugh or try to put a message across, create a good feeling, impact lives using his music. All in all, he says he’s always happy when his work is of positive effect. He adds that if he had a thousand options to choose a different career path, all of them would still lead to being an entertainer.

When it comes to Amir Hamdollahzadeh’s personal life, he says that he is currently single. He has a family of four his parents and one sibling who’s his younger sister.

Kamyar is indeed a multitalented young man. He is funny, witty, and above all, a people person. This passion for entertainment has made him the man he is today. The entertainer adds that he has some great things in store, as he thanks his followers and fans for the great support over the years.