Interior Designer Ameet Mirpuri on how travelling helps in discovering ideas for a perfect space

The more you travel, the more learned you are. Travelling not only helps one to gain knowledge, generate ideas, but it also helps the mankind tremendously in reaching out to unexplored destinations, learn cross country cultures and civilizations.

Visakhapatnam based interior designer Ameet Mirpuri is no stranger to travel. He travels far and wide across the country and internationally to explore the cultural nuances of different countries that help in generating ideas to design a perfect space.

“Whenever I go to a new city, I walk around its markets for hours. There are hundreds of ideas waiting to be discovered in these places, one just needs to have a curious eye. For me, it is the vibe of a place that decides the design” he says.

Ameet kickstarted his career back in 2002 and built a brand which extends to Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Bengaluru, Kolkatta, Mumbai and Siliguri. With a team of 26 employees, he has designed cafes, lounges, hotels, boutiques, spas and homes. Ameet has helped to revive traditional art forms, especially from Andhra Pradesh. “Our traditional art forms are unique and if used thoughtfully, they can be blended with the modern architecture” he added.

His work showcases signature designs that are understated yet sophisticated, straightforward, elegant, functional, fun along with balance, light, space, and colour factor into every design, creating a timeless effect. From the past 14 years, Ameet and his team have worked upon more than 300 projects with 30 plus commercial clients and have won four awards for their excellent body of work.

His first big break was in 2010 when Hotel Novotel’s lead designer backed out at the last moment and he was approached to head the project in Visakhapatnam. He could craft the hotel a certain way, only because of the exposure he had while travelling. The work at Novotel garnered him praises and got him a lot of other projects.


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