Influencer Jayne Riveria Responds To Backlash For Posing With Father’s Dead Body

Social media personality Jayne Riveria has recently been the center of controversy for posting pictures with her father’s open casket. Jayne’s father has recently passed away and the influencer took to Instagram to post pictures in which she is seen posing in front of her father’s open casket.

The internet was furious after the pictures were posted. Many claimed that she was chasing clout while others labelled her ‘disrespectful’. Some internet users called that the pictures which Jayne Riveria posted on her Instagram following her father’s demise were ‘shocking’.


But wait a moment.. not everyone was unhappy. There were some who defended Riveria for the pictures and claimed that a person can grieve the loss of a close one in many forms.

In Jayne Riveria’s opinion (who has now responded to the entire controversy), she has done nothing wrong in posting such pictures. The Instagram account of Jayne Riveria has been disabled without being given any reason but the influencer stands by her decision of posting the pictures.

She said that she can understand why there was a lot of ‘negative reactions’ to her post. Jayne Riveria also added that she posted the picture standing in front of her father’s dead body (casket) with good intentions.

‘Nothing Wrong In What I Posted’

The TikTok account of Jayne is still active but the comments have been turned off following the controversy.

‘There is absolutely nothing wrong in what I posted. I strongly stand by that,” she explained.

Do you think that the behavior of Jayne Riveria was acceptable? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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