Influencer And Motivational Speaker Sam Jacobs Is Inspiring A Young Generation To Follow Their Dreams News

Influencer And Motivational Speaker Sam Jacobs Is Inspiring A Young Generation To Follow Their Dreams

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March 8, 2020


The youth of today are faced with multiple opportunities and choices. While on the one hand this can be very empowering, in the absence of proper guidance and inspiration it is very easy to lose one’s true self among the aspirations thrust on us by others. In these turbulent times, influencer and motivational speaker Samuel Jacobs is inspiring youngsters to find the courage to follow their dreams.

A Beacon Of Hope

Jacobs is a shining example of how following your own path can lead to spectacular results. At only 18, Jacobs has achieved what many take years when following the safe route. Jacobs has, over the period of only six months, been able to earn over $1.5 million dollars in revenue from his eCommerce ventures. This goes to show that while a traditional career may bring with it security and monotonic complacency, following your ideas can open doors previously unheard of.

An eminent influencer, Jacobs commands a large fan following over social media, who themselves get inspired by the rapid rise of this young entrepreneur. Jacobs does not believe in age being a determining factor for achieving success. “With the online world it’s me and my laptop, so age doesn’t interfere,” is what he has to say.

While the traditional career paths may be limited by experience and seniority, the 21st century offers youngsters a wide variety of options. The internet is opening up newer avenues every moment. One only has to recognize and seize the opportunities. Jacobs helps his students do just that by teaching them his methods of creating an online income and becoming financially independent.


Jacobs is living proof that the only things you need to succeed are grit, determination and the courage to follow your dreams. If you can bring yourself to rise above the clamor and carve out your own niche, you are well on your way to victory.