Indian Origin Entrepreneur Karishhma Mago Has Elevated the Digital Marketing Game

The tech and digital industries are filled with inspiring tales of newcomers arriving in the United States and overcoming struggles to realize their full potential. 

Karishhma Mago is one such person who has spent her professional life poignantly proving, “It doesn’t matter where you’re from, it just matters where you’re at.”

Against the odds, Karishhma has carved a niche for herself, which acts as both a testament and a legacy to her work ethic and ambition.

As the CEO of Digital Nod, she has earned a reputation for elevating the digital marketing game for celebrities, influencers, large organizations, and entrepreneurs. What’s more, the story of her rapidly-growing company is just beginning. 

With offices based in both Mumbai and Stateside, Digital Nod is a digital agency that has established their name as the only legitimate company that solves digital problems.

It’s safe to say that Karishhma has helped take digital marketing to the next level by helping her clients create digital history, and she is the first to credit her success to the country where she was born. Karishhma explains that her drive, her pride, and her stubborn refusal to give up until the job is done, and done well, has its roots in her native country India. 

Growing up in an environment where respect was earned only through hard work and endeavor made a deep impression on a young Karishhma. She saw firsthand how there’s no such thing as a free lunch in this world, and if you want to make a success of yourself, you have to warrant it. 

“There is simply no substitute for hard work,” explains Karishhma with a smile. “But by the same token, you need a lot of willpower and have to develop a very thick skin if you’re going to succeed in any endeavor.”

After graduating from England’s University of Warwick in 2008, Karishhma took up a job as an analyst in the corporate banking world. Although she learned a lot of valuable life lessons and picked up an array of skills, her heart just wasn’t in it. She then made her next move and set up a premium education consultancy, Application Talk. 

This was a mere stepping stone to her end goal. Karishhma successfully sold the company in 2012. She then founded a digital marketing agency that has garnered a reputation as one which is changing the rules of the game. 

Digital Nod, based in Michigan and Mumbai, works with a global team of experienced professionals helping solve digital problems daily.

From large businesses to celebrities, Digital Nod has helped a broad range of influencers claim their celebrity status.

Immigrants have a track record as entrepreneurs, and Karishhma is proud to be a part of that long and inspiring tradition. She insists she remains just as hungry for success as when she first started, and continues to inspire people aiming to succeed in the online world.