In New DC Comic, Superman Is An Inspiration To LGBTQ+ Teen

In a recent story, Superman’s bravery has inspired an LGBTQ+ teen to come out to his friends and family. The DC Comics have been for LGBTQ+ media as publishers recently revealed what fans already believed.

It is that Tim Drake, Robin, is bisexual and now this story in Superman: Red & Blue makes the hero an ally to the LGBTQ+ community. The new series from DC will be unique takes at the Man of Steel which will be told through his signature colours, Red and Blue. Every issue will have stories written by different writers and artists. The series will cover Superman stories from his childhood to adulthood.

This will all be coloured in black, white, red and blue. So far, these stories have covered everything from Jonathan Kent saying he loves him when he was a child to his parents being unaware of how powerful he would be on Earth. Superman: Red and Blue #6 will be the final issue in this limited series and touches upon fun stories for Superman fans.

Being An Ally Outside of Pride Month Is Important In Comics As Well

In this short story called “Ally”, readers meet a new citizen; who is struggling to reveal to his friends and family about his LGBTQ+ identity. The Man of Steel is in supports non-binary identities of it as revealed before. He knows his life is fine in the closet and that his family and friends love him as he is. The character asks what would Superman do in this situation and wondered if Superman’s friends know the real him.

When the character arrives home, he is surrounded by his family watching TV while Superman announces his secret identity. The character is inspired by the hero revealing who he is that he himself decides to announce his identity. This decision of including more representation of people undertaking this challenge can be inspiring for LGBTQ+ members.

DC had previously announced LGBTQ+ representation with DC Pride and Justice League Queer; but these stories need to be told outside of Pride month too. An important step that is particularly apart from other superhero-themed LGBTQ+ stories is the use of Daniel Quasar’s “Progress” Pride Flag. The recent addition to the Pride iconography shows diversity in the LGBTQ+ community.


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