Important to identify your niche & go after it : Aaryan Banthia

The recent years saw an impressive success of independent music in India, and witnessed the rise of many young voices in the music industry. Having marked his debut with ‘Yaadien’ in 2019, singer Aaryan Banthia’s latest songBack In The Day’ revolves around the lost friendship due to time and busy lifestyle. The song reflects on the bond the group’s members share with each other. 

Here’s a recent conversation with the young singer: 

What inspired the initial idea of the song? 

Well, my first song ‘Yaadein’ had been released with the Zee Music Company and had started to do really well. Amidst all of this, my really close friend had already written ‘Back in the Day’ which according to him was a song written from my perspective (point of view). When I read the song for the first time, I couldn’t resist composing it since I related to it a lot. Thus ‘Back in the Day’ happened. 

Aaryan Banthia

Did the process of composing and recording bring back fond memories? 

Of course it did, in fact I got my friend along with me to Mumbai where he sat through the production process with me. We have lived the song together in Kolkata which Is my hometown. We had a great time discussing our ‘Back in the Day’ and relieved a lot of old memories together. 


The dual role of performing-composing must have been challenging? 

Not really, I feel composing is something I’ve started to enjoy after ‘Yaadein’. I had initially come to Mumbai with the intention to be a playback singer. But I think I was destined to do more than that, and well here I am a singer-songwriter-guitar player-composer and record producer. I have started to enjoy all of this and intend to put out more such work. 

You voiced the song as well as composed the lyrics. Did that help you do justice to the song? 

I would like to believe so.. The lyrics were not very song inclined initially, but when I started to work around it brainstorming with my friend, it all worked out. I feel I have given more than my 100% to the song by being part of it in totality. 


If you had to describe the music you typically create? 

I have only released two songs so far, both of which were ‘Rock Music’. However I intend to compose in more genres. I feel I have much more to offer than this and in the near future you will see more variations from me. 

You’ve been a part of a few singles now. Where do you see independent music going?  

I think the independent scene is growing in India and I’m really proud of that. My initial Idea was to get into mainstream Bollywood playback singing though I’ve started to feel at home with independent music too and would like to keep producing more indie music. I really feel there’s a lot more still to be explored in independent music. 


What must be done to empower non-filmy music and creators? 

Music lovers will love anything that is meaningful be it in the filmy genre or non-filmy genre. So it’s important to identify your niche and go after it. This may take time but this is the next big market to watch out for. 


So, what are some long-range objectives you’ve identified so far when it comes to independent music?

I haven’t really thought about it. I’m just focused on making quality content at the moment. I want my work to be recognised internationally and that is a long term goal of mine hence also creating in English. I was really happy with the reception ‘Back in the Day’ got. It was on Billboard’s charts which is a huge achievement for me especially since it was my first English single.


Music has changed considerably over the past century. But do we need a critical analysis when it comes to lyrics? 

Well there are good songs and lyrics too. In the commercial scene the lyrics and the music is made for the people and there is no point analysing that since it just has to be done. Not a big fan of it!  But there are artists who have more soul to their wordings. It really depends on who is one trying to cater to.


Any plans of coming up with a duet song? 

Right now I am focusing only on single and my individual songs. Maybe in the future may look at duets.