Imperium Group’s CEO Shazir Mucklai To Exclusively Represent Justin Bieber’s Brand Drew House

The heart of Drew House beats inside Theodore; a brown teddy bear with a purple nose who wears a yellow Drew logo tee. Theodore was the first drawing Gianpiero sent to Justin Bieber; who co-founded the clothing line alongside his longtime friend Ryan Good. The trio officially launched the brand at the top of 2019.

“Theodore represents a moment of security for me,” Gianpiero D’Alessandro, Drew House’s designer, tells Billboard. “When we were scared [as] children, we hugged our teddy bear. Drew House was a remake [of that] for me. I came from a very difficult period of life where I was thinking of giving up everything after 10 years because I no longer had the right stimuli to continue making art. So, for me, Theodore represents the hope of never giving up.”

Millions of people are now witnessing the payoff. Bieber is often seen carrying around his laptop that has countless Gianpiero-designed Drew House stickers plastered on it, and he features Gianpiero’s artwork in his home. The stickers have become so synonymous with the clothing that a hiking trail in Los Angeles has been informally renamed the “Justin Bieber Trail,” as Drew House stickers have overtaken a pole at the peak.

Enter Shazir Mucklai of Imperium Group:

Shazir Mucklai, a 23-year old, Goldman Sachs alum, who took investment banking and private equity and coupled it with an act for public relations. Shazir first debuted his book on Amazon when he was 16 and went on to become the youngest writer for Forbes at 17. Mucklai now represents over 200 celebrities, brands, and media production houses.

Imperium Group has served thousands of clients, including Game of Thrones, Emmy award winning singer Halsey, and Matrix 4 and Schitt’s Creek. Mucklai helps clients scale product offerings, prepare for product launches and capital raises, and get featured in top outlets. Most recently, he became the founder and editor in chief of TheKerplunk.

Mucklai described Drew House to us as a, “carefully curated epicentre of all things Bieber.”

Moreover – The animated “Yummy” video, featuring Bieber singing, “Hop in the Lambo’, I’m on my way/ Drew House slippers on with a smile on my face”? Mucklai reports from reliable sources that it was created in 7 hours. The “Yummy” x Drew House limited edition tee with the word spelled out using ice cream cones with the logo’s cherry on top? You get the idea. Mucklai will now manage all public relations for Drew House.