Images from Batwoman Season 2 reveal the full Batwing superhero costume for first time News

Images from Batwoman Season 2 reveal the full Batwing superhero costume for first time

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Time icon June 8, 2021

In a new set of posters, actor Camrus Johnson is seen in the character’s trademark blue-and-black outfit, revealing Batwoman’s Batwing for the first time. Johnson has played Luke Fox on the CW programme since season one, and fans have been anticipating his heroic transformation. They can now see what the Arrowverse’s Batwing will look like in motion for the first time.

The original Batwing was a man named David Zavimbe, who joined Batman Incorporated after meeting Bruce Wayne in the comics. Zavimbe became Batwing after obtaining his own suit and fighting for justice in his native city of Tinasha, a fictional locale based in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Luke Fox, the son of longstanding Batman ally Lucius Fox, took over as the role and fought crime in Gotham with other iconic Batman figures. That form of Batwing has been constantly teased since the beginning of Batwoman.

In two stunning posters, fans can now glimpse the new live-action Batwing. The posters, which were shared on Twitter by Batwoman creator Caroline Dries, feature Johnson as Luke Fox dressed in the character’s characteristic blue and black. The new outfit appears to be automated and technologically advanced, giving the traditional figure a fresh new look. Take a look at the new Batwing images below.


The Arrowverse version of the Batwing suit is no exception to the suit’s dynamic nature. The character’s costume traditionally has wings (thus the name), which allow him to travel around the city quickly and have a bird’s-eye perspective of the action.

The posters don’t show any such wings, but the second one shows Batwing falling from a great height, implying that he’s dropping from a flight route for a surprise attack. The Batwoman Batwing suit is stylistically similar to the mechanised armour used by Bruce Wayne in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, however it is significantly sleeker and less bulky.

It’s unclear when Johnson’s Luke Fox will take his place as Batwing on Batwoman, but it should happen soon. Season 2 has already been full of surprises, and the debut of a new hero should be even more thrilling. Batwing should be more than a match for Gotham City’s adversaries if the new suit is as powerful as it appears on the posters. Later in Batwoman Season 2, Batwing will join Ryan Wilder on the streets.

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