How Wendell Pialet is Improving Mental Health Through Social Media

In a world full of hatred and animosity, darkness, in the form of mental illness, seems to be consuming a high percentage of the general population. It appears difficult, if not impossible to escape this darkness as it can invariably bog one down. There are outlets, however, that try to eliminate this veil of darkness by spreading good energy, positivity, and healthy lifestyles.

Wendell Miracle Pialet is a figure who has made it his life’s purpose to restore happiness in the world. He believes that despite the troubles one goes through, people can always be healed by ameliorating their own lives. This can be done by embracing internal happiness and passing on that very energy to others. Happiness might not seem easy to achieve, but listening to Pialet’s inspiring counsel on any of his social media platforms can work wonders.

Even for Pialet, happiness was not an easy feat to achieve or even preach. Coming from the Philippines to New Jersey, he embarked on his version of the journey to the American Dream, but he encountered many bumps along the way. Over five years ago, his mother passed away from cancer, and this death had a huge toll on his life. He was immersed in a dark abyss of sadness that worsened his ties with family, friends, and his burgeoning career. It took a valiant effort and significant spiritual growth, however, to escape his inner demons and become a reformed man. After bringing his life up from the hole he found himself in, Wendell decided to turn his negative experiences into teaching moments for others. He educated himself in the laws of happiness, and the psychology behind mental experiences, and then prepared himself to share his knowledge with the general public.

Wendell founded his own company, Hope Nuggets (the name his Instagram and other social media platforms bear today). Since its genesis, Hope Nuggets has functioned as a consulting agency with thousands of customers. Wendell and his associates offer e-counseling, personal depression therapy, motivational speaking, and event appearances – along with a host of other services. Hope Nuggets has found success in the modern market, as a brand and company that has broken into the social entrepreneurship space. So while Wendell has taken on the role of a popular influencer with over 350,000 followers on Instagram, he is also a motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and CEO. Through the growth of Hope Nuggets, and his international network, Wendell has indeed turned the tables on his own life, and carved out his own niche for success.

With many new things in the works, Wendell is also in the process of expanding to a new medium – books. A soon to be author of his first novel, Have a Magical Day, he will now be able to share his advice and inspiration past his personal counseling, daily videos, and e-courses.

As the world continues to “darken,” Wendell Miracle Pialet is working to bring back the light. Through his personal network, his company, and his brand, Pialet is spearheading the movement to help heal those with mental illness