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How Raj Singh aka DJ Blaze is hustling amidst the lockdown with a bucket full of projects

Right after the COVID-19 crisis was declared as a worldwide pandemic, outdoor activities were completely restricted for people’s safety measures. And with that, many from the industry, starting from the airlines to restaurants, clubs, and more, saw little to no work coming in.

While some are struggling to find the various source of income, there are people who are making the most out of the lockdown by keeping themselves busy and being productive.

Raj Singh aka DJ Blaze is a popular concert/event promoter, music producer, and social media celebrity who is currently hustling with a bucket full of work coming his way.

Raj Singh Aka Dj Blaze

Touted as one of the top DJs in the South East Asian community, Raj Singh aka DJ Blaze is spinning his way to success and kickstarted his own venture named Blaze Entertainment and Ikonic Media Group.

Raj Singh is gearing up for an upcoming project that came straight out of his dedication and passion under the banner name of Blaze Entertainment and Ikonic Media Group.

He is also busy with private parties, wedding ceremonies held during the lockdown and is leaving no stone unturned in hit the ground running.

He started his career back in 2001 with private parties, wedding ceremonies, and college parties. Soon after gaining immense popularity in the entertainment industry, Raj Singh became a popular name in the Hollywood Clubs across Los Angeles, California, and also got recognition in Bollywood shows.

Raj Singh DJ Blaze

Over the years, Raj Singh aka DJ Blaze has worked with some very well recognized musicians like Mickey Singh, Jaz Dhami, The Prophec, G Sidhu, Dr. Zues and many more.

In 2012, DJ Blaze took the Midwest South East Asian community to a whole new level by organizing and marketing upcoming talents from India. Ever since then, Raj Singh aka DJ Blaze has been consistently participating in organizing numerous concerts not just in Midwest but also across all the cities in the United States.

Raj Singh enjoys a huge fan base on his social media. Raj aka DJ Blaze has treated the audience with multiple music videos like Demands, Toone Hari Akh and others under the banner of Blaze Entertainment and Ikonic Media Group.


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