How One Direct Message Turned Into Career For Nilladriz

Social media for many young adults is the cause of anxiety, stress, and depression. But a few cases exist where platforms like Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram have allowed people to create positive life changing opportunities for themselves and Brad Dervishaj or as known by his online pseudonym “Nilladriz” is no exception.

At just 19-years old Nilladriz has had the opportunity to direct music videos and shoot for platinum recording artists like Fetty Wap, Famous Dex, and Reggie Mills. The question is how did this teenager from Edison Township manage to network his way into such an elusive industry. The answer is social media.

In an interview with Reble TV, Nilladriz explains how he got into contact with rapper/music executive Reggie Mills through direct message via Instagram. He further explains how by taking the time to master his craft and by using the app as a platform to pitch himself was ultimately what gave him the opportunity to put his dreams into motion.

The world is truly evolving before our eyes. A message that took a couple minutes to type has led to such a promising future. It goes to show you no matter where you’re from or who you know, today’s technology has given us the power to write our own futures.