How Ben Lee is Taking Over the Digital Space in 2020 News

How Ben Lee is Taking Over the Digital Space in 2020

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Time icon March 10, 2020

What do you picture when you think of celeb hot spots on Sunset Blvd? You probably picture the lush terraces at SoHo House, the bungalows at Chateau Marmont, or the Studio City Farmers Market. You may be surprised to hear one is actually the office of Ben Lee.

The agile-focused entrepreneur’s “Studio to the Stars” has worked its discovery process with LA elites like Chelsea Handler, Die Antwoord, Snoop Dogg, and author-speaker Tony Robbins. Snoop Dogg entrusted the development and launch of his much-anticipated app “Merry Jane” to Lee and Tony Robbins called him “Mr. Ideas”.

After five years of attempting to launch an app, Robbins turned to Lee for help. Using their famous three-week discovery process, Lee and his team were able to target Robbins’ needs and launch an app-based digitized library of over 40 years of content in just 15 weeks.

“Ben Lee is Mr. Ideas,” said Kate Austin, who handles special products for Robbins Research. “He can take the most complex process and workflow and the ideas he brings to the table are absolutely amazing — things that are cutting edge and customer-oriented.”


Now in 2020, Mr. Ideas is taking his knowledge to the people.

On a mission to use TikTok to educate budding entrepreneurs and young adults on the mechanics of investing, personal finance, business, and marketing, the seasoned B2B marketer is using the platform’s unique structure to take on the challenge of explaining complicated concepts in under 60 seconds. Using visual tools and his own years of experience to demonstrate how banks use the money you deposit, his recent viral video on banking is still gaining views and likes, with 4.4 million views and 460,000 likes at the time of publishing.

TikTok isn’t just a rebranded kids app. The demographic has changed wildly in the last year:

Lee (@yobenlee) has joined the ranks of doctors, therapists, accountants, astrophysicists and dozens of other professionals in using TikTok’s powerful platform to educate and enlighten users on topics they wouldn’t otherwise be exposed to. Lee is taking on the challenge of explaining complicated concepts in under 60 seconds. In only his second month on the platform, and with videos matching the highest view counts of industry greats like Gary Vaynerchuk, it seems there is a hunger for this type of content.

With the cultural and technical landscape changing every day, Lee remains a leader in the digital space, always seeking innovative ways to capitalize on new and exciting messaging platforms. Which led him to discover an opportunity for personal finance education via social media. Given the response to just 30 seconds of banking education, it seems that hunger is only growing. Watch this space.

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