Highest Viewership Rated Korean Dramas On Netflix: Top 5 Korean Dramas

Korean Wave is driven by K-POP and K-dramas across Asia in the last decade. And now it has spread the wings all over the World. Korean drama viewership is provided by two South Korean Companies, AGB Nielsen Media Research and TNmS. This list of Highest Rated Korean Drama on Netflix is based on the ratings provided by AGB Nielsen.

5. Mr Sunshine

Lee Byung-hun plays a Korean kid from a poor family who winds up in the United States after the 1871 Shinmiyangyo occurrence comes back to his country during a chronicled defining moment. Presently an official with the American military, Eugene becomes hopelessly enamoured with Kim Tae-ri, a privileged person’s little girl, and finds a dull plan to colonize the nation from which he once fled. Kim Tea-ri attempts to make sense of if Eugene is a companion as they wonder what the English word “love” signifies.

No. of episodes – 24

Rating– 18.129%

Highest Viewership Rated Korean Drama

4. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God

Gong Yoo is a troll and defender of spirits. He is the landlord of Grim Reaper Lee Dong-Wook, who is responsible for taking perished spirits. Needing to take his interminable life, Shin has been searching for his human lady of the hour, the main individual who can take his life. Meanwhile, Kim Go-Eun is a secondary school understudy who stays idealistic regardless of the catastrophes and troubles she has encountered in her life. She brings the troll by some coincidence, and through different experiences, winds up becoming hopelessly enamoured with him. Radiant Yoo In-na is a chicken café owner, whose excellence is evident. These four characters’ lives take a progression of turns and turn when they interlace.

No. of episodes – 16

Rating– 18.680%

Highest Viewership Rated Dramas

3. Reply 1988

Reply 1988 Follows the lives of 5 friends  Lee Hye-riPark Bo-gumGo Kyung-pyoRyu Jun-yeol and Lee Dong-hwi and their families living on a similar road in an area called Ssangmundong in Seoul. A nostalgic glance back at the year 1988.

No. of episodes – 20

Rating– 18.803%

2. Crash Landing On You

Crash Landing On You is the story of two stars crossed lovers, Son Ye-jin, a South Korean heiress, and Hyun Bin, an individual from the North Korean elite (who likewise happens to be a military official). At some point, while Son Ye-Jin goes for a short paragliding ride in Seoul, South Korea, an abrupt tornado takes her out and passes her over course. She stirs to wind up in a backwoods in the DMZ in North Korea (a taboo region for South Koreans). It is here that she meets Hyun Bin, a North Korean armed force official.

Hyun Bin, in the long run, gives Son Ye Jin cover and creates plans to furtively assist her with coming back to South Korea. After some time, they become hopelessly enamoured, in spite of the gap and contest between their separate nations.

No. of episodes – 16

Rating– 21.683%

Highest Rated Korean Dramas

1. Sky Castle

Highest Rated Korean Drama that intently takes a gander at the materialistic wants of the high society guardians in Korea and how they heartlessly secure the accomplishments of their families at the expense of wrecking others’ lives. The show spins around the lives of housewives Yum Jung-ahLee Tae-ranYoon Se-ahOh Na-ra and Kim Seo-hyung living in a sumptuous local location called SKY Castle in rural Seoul, where well off specialists and teachers live. The spouses are resolved to make their husbands progressively fruitful and to bring up their kids like rulers and princesses and to be top students. They need their youngsters to go to top colleges so they utilize all way imaginable to get that. They burn through billions of won to enlist facilitators for school placement tests.

No. of episodes – 20

Rating– 23.779%


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