Here’s The Total Money Twitch Streamer Trainwrecks Has Given Away In 2021

One of the most generous Twitch streamers ‘Trainwrecks’ has finally revealed the amount of money he has given away so far this year!

Just recently he made headlines for donating one Bitcoin to fellow streamer StableRonaldo’s mother. At the time Trainwrecks donated the Bitcoin it was worth $64,000. Since then, it has hit a new record high of $66,000. Both StableRonaldo and his mom were left shocked and in tears at the generosity of Trainwrecks.,

$4 Million Overall

Trainwrecks also gave away $20,000 to CDL pro Crimsix as a late wedding gift earlier this year.

Trainwrecks has made it a point to regularly giveaway money to those in need, including his own friends. When you compile all of the donations he has made so far in 2021, the sum is a MASSIVE number!

“This 250K will put me at $4 million given away overall,” he said in a tweet. “Not including sponsor giveaways, charities, or tips to my friends.”


Fellow streamers took to the comments section of the tweet and recognized the efforts of Trainwrecks in making the lives of people better via his donations. Crismix wrote “HOLY SH*T MAN” while NICKMERCS said “there’s some that do, and there’s some that don’t.”

“Insane bro, keep changing the world, wrote DJ Scheme who has worked on projects with legends like XXX Tentaction and Juice Wrld.

With all that Trainwrecks has done for the Twitch community and others who are not a part of it, it is safe to say that he has got no haters. He is like the MrBeast of Twitch.

What do you think about Trainwreck’s massive donation amount so far in 2021? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.


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