Here’s the real reason why Deepika Padukone had broken-up with Siddharth Mallya

The Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone was dating Siddharth Mallya back in the days when she was a model!

Everyone knows that back in the days when the actress Deepika Padukone was a model, she was dating Siddharth Mallya. However, things didn’t work well between the two of them and they broke up later.

While the reasons were unknown, a recent report in IB Times states that the break-up happened due to financial issues.

According to the report, Deepika said, “I tried hard to make the relationship work but his (Siddharth) behavior in recent times has been disgusting. The last time we met on a dinner date he asked me to pay the bill. That was so embarrassing for me. I was left with no option but to end this relationship as there was nothing left for me to keep holding on to it.

On the other hand, junior Mallya told the portal, “Deepika is a crazy female, I told her that I’ll return her money once dad clears his debts and the government sets him free but she was just not ready to settle down.

He added on saying, “She (Deepika) has forgotten the time I gifted her with expensive diamonds, luxurious bags, have spent huge on her vacations and hosted parties for her friends on her behalf.

Well, Deepika Padukone is now happily married to Ranveer Singh. While Siddharth Mallya is being a good son to his father Vijay Mallya, supporting him!