Here’s How Doctor Zara Harutyunyan is Revolutionizing the Aesthetic Industry

When we sit down and think about someone or something who revolutionized anything, the first thought that would come to mind for most people would be something like America revolutionizing against Great Britain.     But what if I told you there are thousands of influential people each in their very own right creating major changes within their sphere of influence, and most importantly their industry. Meet Zara Harutyunyan, Founder of Southern California’s most acclaimed Rejuvenation Center CRMC Aesthetics, she is single-handedly revolutionizing her industry and influencing decisions that will shape the way thousands of doctors practice across that nation. Zara started in her industry by pursuing the American Dream in California after migrating from Armenia, and she’s come a long way, from getting featured on Forbes to being offered positions of instruction from corporate giants like Allergan. Here’s How she’s revolutionized the Aesthetic Industry.

Calling Plays on the Corporate Side

When Zara’s practice (CRMC) started picking up major notoriety from the amount of success she was having, that’s when she started gaining the attention of corporations like Allergan (maker of famous Botox and Juvederm family fillers) and they offered Zara a position within the company as a National Trainer/Speaker. Since then she is chosen very often to be on advisory boards not only for Allergan but also for different companies that develop beauty-related products and services. This success within the industry has taken her influence and status as a true expert to the next level and even adding to that high demand for Zara’s work. 

Although she is on multiple advisory boards now, the true power she has comes from her perspective of being a top-performing provider first. The first-hand experience and data she can bring to the table make Zara a valuable asset to companies like Allergan. She goes on to say “being a very busy provider has allowed me to see a variety of cases which in return has given me an ENORMOUS amount of experience, which I’m gladly sharing with my colleagues”.  

Revolutionizing the Industry  

As we learned about Zara climbing the ranks of influence within her industry and landing on advisory boards, we’re left wondering what that position does and how she can revolutionize areas of her industry. According to Zara multiple of her ideas have been picked up and put in use for some products that they are actively using now. In essence, she is working hand in hand with these companies to improve the products, procedures, and treatments. One of the larger priorities within Zara’s practice is safety, so we can only assume that she is providing feedback for these companies that will make every process safer and more efficient.

When we asked Zara what she would like to see more of within the industry she responded with wanting to see more hands-on training for newcomers. As someone with a huge influence in the way this industry conducts itself, it’s a safe bet that we can expect that down the line as the industry continues to make progress. The second thing Zara knows is missing from the industry would be the options available for fillers,” Toxins’ as we are far behind Europe on that market. 

What to Expect From Zara in 2021 

Zara’s plans for 2021 include continuing to grow her clientele and adding to her reputation, as for CRMC Aesthetics they plan to become a bigger part of the community in Southern California. As new and innovative technologies are constantly coming forward, and as one of the most prominent figures within her industry, Zara will bring the absolute best tech for her clients and continue to generate amazing results that you will love.


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