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Gillian Anderson of The Crown Will Play Another Powerful Woman in The Great

Gillian Anderson, who recently earned critical acclaim for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in season four of The Crown, will join Elle Fanning and Nicholas Hoult in season two of The Great, Hulu announced on Friday, May 14. Tony McNamara wrote the period drama, which is loosely based on Catherine the Great’s rise to power in Russia.

Powerful Women in THE GREAT

So, who will Gillian be playing next season? According to Hulu, the X-Files alum will play Catherine’s girlfriend, Joanna, in a two-episode arc. “Joanna is a glamorous socialite from Germany,” the definition teased, “often also known as the’maestro of marriage’ for her ability to arrange high-profile marriages for her daughters.” “She learned about her daughter’s coup and travelled to Russia to see it for herself. Joanna is the apple of Catherine’s eye and a devoted mother, but it soon becomes apparent that she is plotting something dangerous to save her family’s reputation.”

That sounds really interesting, doesn’t it? Catherine (Elle) had left her lover Leo (Sebastian de Souza), discovered she was pregnant, and planned to go ahead with her coup when viewers last saw her.

Season two will follow Catherine as she “becomes both a mother to Russia and an infant,” as both history and a February tease promised viewers. However, as previously said, the series’ author has erred on the side of historical accuracy. As a result, it’s fair to assume that there will be some surprises in store. In reality, Nicholas teased that the season two “scripts are great” in an exclusive interview with E! News earlier this year.

He revealed, “It’s kind of unexpected where Tony’s taking it.” “As a result, it’s very thrilling.” Season one of The Great is available on Hulu.

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