Gal Gadot Explains if her daughters will appear in Wonder Woman 3

During the DC FanDome event, it was recently confirmed that Gal Gadot will reprise her role as Wonder Woman for a third film. While attending an Elle Women in Hollywood event in Los Angeles, the actress spoke to Entertainment Tonight about reprising her role as Wonder Woman and hinted that her daughters may appear in the next film. Gadot, who just had her third child, is getting ready to start filming Wonder Woman 3 soon.

“The most incredible thing — other than the fact that I get to wear the Wonder Woman suit again and get inside her boots,” Gadot said, “is the fact that I can work with my amazing collaborators and work with [director] Patty Jenkins again, and I’m extremely, super happy for that,” according to ET.

When asked if her daughters would get another cameo after starring in Wonder Woman: 1984 with her husband Yaron Varsano for a scene, the actress answered, “We might, in fact. They’ll start adapting to it. It’s a lovely keepsake with each film as they become older and older.”

During the DC FanDome event, director Patty Jenkins mentioned Wonder Woman 3 and claimed it’s in the works without giving too much away about the plot. Although it is expected that the film will be set in modern times, the filmmaker stated in a previous interview that if another film in the franchise is created, it will not be set in the past.

Gal Gadot In The Action-Packed Trailer For Red Notice

The trailer for Red Notice, starring Gal Gadot, Ryan Reynolds, and Dwayne Johnson, is out, and it looks amazing, with the trio pulling off some amazing action stunts. In the heist movie, Johson and Reynolds join up to track down The Bishop,’ the world’s most wanted art thief (Gal Gadot).


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