First On Roka Day And Now On Honeymoon, Minal Khan Turns Off Her Comment Section

  • Pakistani actress Minal Khan is enjoying honeymoon with husband Ahsan Mohsin Ikram. She turned off Instagram comments after she posted more dazzling photos from Maldives trip.
  • The couple took to their respective Instagram handles to share a few glimpses from a Maldives trip.
  • However, a bare chest photo of Ahsan shared by Minal led to turning off comments. As keyboard warriors were quick to troll and post indecent comments.
  • The Ishq Hai actor took to Instagram and shared her adorable snap with comments turned off.
Minal Khan turns off comments as she posts stunning photos from Maldives trip
Minal Khan | Instagram

Honeymoon Diaries

Minal Khan and Ahsan Mohsin Ikram get to experience such dreamy adventures, venues and food while they are at their honeymoon in Maldives however it is rather true that glimpses into the celebrity couple’s mind-blowing escapades at the most swoon-worthy destination has been keeping us quite entertained.

So this time we have been given insight into a swimming video which showcases the duo making most of the stunning blue water in Maldives by indulging into various water activities.

Minal Khan turns off comments as she posts stunning photos from Maldives trip
Minal Khan | Instagram

Another video showcases Minal-Ahsan while they are having an intense badminton match while sadly Minal is unable to ace at the match that Ahsan is so passionate about.

Keeping their fans completely mesmerized, the actress has uploaded another update in which her husband Ahsan is reporting to the awe-struck fan group right from the sea while the Pakistani star is standing on a swing and courageously dancing with perfect synchronization and with no fear that he might fall down.

Also in one of the post captions, Minal has mentioned that her better half is quite adventurous. Seems like Minal Khan is not lying.

Roka Day

Ahsan Mohsin | Instagram

The most these photos saw was the two staring into each other’s eyes while holding each other close with Minal pinned against a wall. As expected, distasteful comments from ‘fans’ started flooding in. Many criticized the couple for sharing too many photos, urging them to “just get married” and “get it over with”. Meanwhile, others even took offense to the pictures, calling them ‘vulgar’ and a needless sharing of intimacy.

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