Fashion Influencer Fazal Khan Gives An Insight Into His Luxurious Life, Says He Is Living His Dream!

To reach the top, one must consistently keep working. Afterall the best view from the mountain comes after the hardest climb. Working hard towards his dream, Fazal khan started his journey without anyone’s backing. He is a business development manager, fitness enthusiast and a fashion influencer who is living his life like a king-size. Coming from the streets of Mumbai, his childhood was not so pleasant. He did not get things easily and had to work hard to fulfil his desires. With a strong inner conscience, he was determined towards his goal and he started working as a beauty consultant.

To run fast towards his dreams, he moved to Dubai and started working there. As he worked with several beauty and lifestyle brands, Fazal thought to start something of his own and later expand it. He then started to work as an independent person. Born with immensely good looks, he experimented to style himself and that was probably the best thing ever happened to him. With a tempting personality, he believes in simplicity and is a true gentleman who can slay and pull off any look with much ease. “Style is what you create, not what you get inspired from”, says the dashing influencer.

Besides fashion, the influencer is very fond of luxurious watches and shoes. Not just this, he has got the best collection of accessories including bags and sunglasses which can give any celebrity a run for their money. When asked about his lavish lifestyle, Fazal said, “You only live once. Why not live life to the fullest? The luxurious life I live is not about showcasing my status quo but it is the way of lifestyle I always dreamt to live. It is an unreal experience and I am truly living my dream today.” Hustling and following the passion are the ingredients one must follow to live a swanky lifestyle and Fazal khan is a classic example of it.