Falcon And the Winter Soldier Has No Say In John Walker’s MCU Future News

Falcon And the Winter Soldier Has No Say In John Walker’s MCU Future

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Time icon April 5, 2021

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Wyatt Russell does not know if his character has a future in the MCU. Wyatt plays the role of the new Captain America, John Walker in the Disney+ series. He is the US government’s choice for replacing Steve Rogers, the original Captain America.

He made his debut at the end of the first episode. The actor played an important role in the second episode as he came to save Bucky and Sam. Both Sam and Bucky were outnumbered by the Flag Smashers who are empowered by the Super-Soldier serum.

John asked help from Sam and Bucky to track down the revolutionaries. However, the falcon and the winter soldier denied because he was tied to the government and because he can never leave upto Steve’s legacy. So far it has not been emphasized as much but John seems to be on the path of being an antagonist for Sam and Bucky. We can probably see this in the last three episodes of the series. But what happens to John after then is yet to be revealed.

Wyatt revealed that he is not involved in discussions about his character’s future. He directed the answer to Marvel head Kevin Feige to answer. The actor believes that a lot of that decision is based on the fan reaction to the character. This will become more apparent as time goes by. As of now, fans do not like anybody standing in the shoes of Steve as they still miss him being a part of the MCU Universe.

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“But it’s above my paygrade.”

However, the actor shared that he is keen on returning at some point but admitted that a decision like that is above his pay grade. He said, “You got to call Kevin [Feige]. I don’t know. That’s something that Marvel — you’re not involved at all. That’s just something that, later on, becomes apparent or it doesn’t. And it has a lot to do with what fans think, I think, and how they feel about you, where they want to see things go, and that’s so far out of my control that I just try to do a good job and hopefully this one is good it’s good enough for them to make more. But it’s above my paygrade.”

John Walker’s future will be clearer in the upcoming episodes, however, it does seem like he will return for future projects. Marvel had not revealed WandaVision’s antagonist until almost the ending of the series. This included Tyler Hayward, Agatha Harkness, and White Vision. They can do the same with John as well. Although if he has a future and he tends to keep being the new Captain America, he might need the super-soldier serum.

All signs also point to him taking the serum during the series. If he does that, Bucky and Sam might have a much harder time at taking back the shield and standing up against him. Taking back the shield has been a point of discussion for both Sam and Bucky. Sam is not that keen on taking it from John but Bucky is convinced this is not what he wants.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s story is still unfolding and we will have to see what happens in the upcoming episodes. As for MCU, they are setting up their future in the streaming series and with that John Walker, seems likely to stay.

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