Exclusive Interview With Lady Victoria Hervey

Lady Victoria Hervey is a socialite, model, an aristocrat and a former ‘IT’ girl. The royal Lady sat down with Clout News exclusively as she revealed about her life and controversies she was a part of recently.

The model shared about her early life as she said she wanted to be a model as well as be part of the royalty her family is. She said, “I kind of wanted both. I think as a little girl growing up, we love clothes and fashion, I was always very much into fashion. I would go into my mother’s wardrobe and she was always good. She was always giving me things. And I really got into fashion.”

Lady Victoria shared that she was also close to her family as she described herself “cool” as a child. She revealed she wanted to do modelling for sometime because it was something that came to her naturally. The socialite said, “I always thought maybe I can do some modelling for a bit. Because it was something that would come sort of naturally to me. I was that child at school that was always the tallest one.”

She further shared how her modelling experience began. The aristocrat said, “I started really at about 17, around that age. I did a photo shoot for a very well known photographer, Patrick Litchfield, who was one of the Queen’s personal photographers. And he recommended me for a jewellery campaign that he had coming up with David Morris jewellery that is in England, London on Bond Street. And that was sort of my first campaign I did.”

“I just wanted to try something different”

Lady Victoria further discussed why she wanted to go a different route. She revealed “I’d already been at boarding school for 10 years. But I’d already done 10 years of living, away from home, in that sort of environment. So I just wanted to try something different.”

The socialite further talked about the various TV shows that she was a part of. The list includes her cameo appearance in BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous in the first episode of series four. In October 2004, Hervey appeared on The Farm.

In July 2006, she appeared in the ITV show Love Island. On 18 September 2007, she appeared on ITV’s Don’t Call Me Stupid program, where she was asked to learn about the Labour Party Movement with George Galloway. In February 2015, Hervey, an experienced skier, appeared on Channel 4’s The Jump where she participated on the condition her dog joined her in Austria.

Lady Victoria talked about one of the scariest experiences which was on the show, The Jump. She revealed, “The scariest, most dangerous one I did was called The Jump, where we have to train as we trained like Olympic athletes in very dangerous winter sports. And I love skiing. So when I was approached to do that show, I was very excited. Because the idea of being in the mountains in Austria, two months is like a dream.”

However, she recalled it to be very dangerous as a lot of people got injured. She revealed she was “very grateful” to finish that show with small injuries. The model said, “I always feel like I take an experience from these things. And I think after when I completed the jump, I literally felt invincible. I felt like I could do anything because it was so hard.”

“But it was also a lot of pressure to go out.”

Lady Victoria further discussed how she made the best out of her experience with loss. She shared, “I think if you go through things when you’re younger, it encourages you more to go out there into the world of a younger age. And plus, you’ve already gone through those experiences. So no, I don’t see that as a hindrance at all.” The socialite had lost few of her family members including her father, the 6th Marquess of Bristol, and her older half-brothers.

The model also talked about her short-lived fashion boutique, Akademi. She further discussed her journey as an author. The socialite got to show her skills as a writer when she used to write columns for The Sunday Times. She said, “I got to write about all these fabulous parties and events that I was attending every night. But it was also a lot of pressure to go out. Sometimes I would want to just stay home. And I would be like, ‘ah, I have to, I have to fill the column with something.'”

Lady Victoria revealed she has been working on another book during coronavirus pandemic. She had published her book, Lady in Waiting back in 2016. The model also revealed her plans to write an autobiography as she shared it was something she always wanted to do.

She also talked about one of her controversial statements. The model had taken to Instagram as she had bashed Black Lives Matter movement. She had posted a picture of a defaced statue and captioned it, “Don’t ever tell me this is acceptable behaviour. F*** BLM.” The model had insisted that her account was hacked as she was quick to take down the post.

Hervey On Her Controversial Statement on BLM

Lady Victoria addressed her the incident as she said, “This programme is about those kind of groups. When I first made a comment, everyone was feeling very, very sensitive, because it was so new. But now when I make comment, people are kind of like, numb to it now. And they realise actually, what I was saying was true, because they did go and burn down all the cities across America. But at the time, it wasn’t the right timing to say something.”

She further explained, “It was it was really scary, to be honest, to be in the US. During that time, we had curfews for days. We couldn’t we couldn’t go outside after a certain time. And it was very violent. And a lot of the press were not reporting what was really going on. When I spoke to police officers, they were like, ‘no, it’s it’s so much worse than what is being reported out there’.”

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Here is a list of resources where you can support the Black Lives Matter movement.

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