Exclusive Interview With Danubia Sousa

Danubia Sousa is a Brazilian-British fashion model, lifestyle influencer, and digital content creator. She has been in the glam-industry for nearly two decades now.

Having done modeling projects and ramp walks for big names in the industry, Danubia has become flawless at what she does best. She has also done brand deals with mega brands like Pantene, BabyBjorn, PrettyLittleThing, TomTom and Holland Cooper.

Life Of Danubia Sousa

In the second exclusive episode of Influencers Got Clout, Danubia sat down with me as we talked about her career progression, her journey as a fashion model, shift to social media content creation, and the phase of becoming a mother to an adorable mini queen!

Danubia Sousa seemed very excited and fueled up when she joined the Influencers Got Clout call, providing the audience with a greater insight into the life of a fashion model-cum-content creator.

Secret Sauce Of Danubia’s Vibrant Personality

To break the ice, Danubia Sousa shared the reason behind her outgoingness and bold personality. She said she had always been this way and there’s no artificial additions that she had made to her personality over time.

Danubia credited this bold trait of her personality to her childhood days when she used to organise fashion shows and encourage all the street kids to participate.

‘If you be yourself, people are gonna like you the way you are’, said Danubia.

Right from an early age, Danubia had gotten involved into the fashion industry. She reminisces enrolling in a modeling course that taught the students about body movements and posture.

Her instructor spotted her talent, told her that she had an amazing posture and that she should apply for modeling competitions.

This advice instantly hit right with Danubia and she went on to participate in national level beauty pageants across Brazil. And oh, if you are wondering how tall Danubia is to have a great height and posture, she is 5’10.

How Has Danubia’s Modeling Evolved?

In any career, there’s always a time when you are an amateur. Reaching the grand-master stage takes time and effort no matter what you do. Danubia Sousa agrees to this.

Danubia talked to the audience about her journey as a model. Her early days, like any other new model, were filled with self-doubt and low confidence. She mentions about the shows that had gone wrong and the things she had learnt from such experiences.

‘I was petrified the first time I had to go on stage. All these people would be looking at me Oh my God! But I learned how ti bring excitement and adrenaline and just go and smash it on the stage’.

Danubia said that she always does breathing techniques before going in-front of the audience. ‘I also do a lot of facial exercises which relaxes my face. I do both mental and physical facial exercise before my ramp walk’.

Danubia Sousa Talks About ‘Clout’

When asked about what she thinks of the young models who are entering the industry solely for a pinch of clout and popularity, Danubia was rather affirmative.

Danubia believes there is a mixture of models, some who want to get into the business for the limelight and the fun lifestyle whereas others who are genuinely passionate about it.

‘It’s waking up early at 5:00 in the morning or sometimes 4:00am, sacrificing family time and putting in consistent hard-work. You must show how professional you are and how bad you need it’, said Danubia.

Apart from this, she also appreciated the change happening in the modeling world as more and more agencies are allowing for healthier models and not focusing on size-zero models which was the case during her days.

Danubia Sousa mentions that this is a great change that has come overtime in the fashion industry. She herself moved away from size-zero and told her agency ‘she wants to express herself the way she is and be healthy’.

Balancing Work And Motherhood

“I’m a momma now to a beautiful 17 months old. I need to look after my baby because there is no one to look after her yet. She might be going to the nursery soon and I had decided from early on that the first year and a half I needed to be with the baby at any cost.”

Danubia prioritizes her family. She mentions about now that she is a mommy, she needs to work even harder to find work-life balance.

Danubia spends the day with her baby if she doesn’t have any other work during the week. She takes a day off to pile up on content which she can later post gradually onto her Instagram.

Content creation is a passion calling for Danubia and she enjoys every ounce of it. She creates loads of content in a dah and slowly distributes it to clients and on social media. T

“The secret is to get organized and focus. I would love to be a free-flow person but once you’re a mother, it’s not possible. Things change, but for good’, Danubia added.

‘Being A Mom Is So Special’

Danubia Sousa said that her little daughter Mia is a blessing to her. She is like a best-friend and human diary to Danubia Sousa.

In the words of Danubia “I always heard people saying being a mom is so special and I used to be like okay… okay… but now I know it is really a special feeling and I love my baby Mia so much’.

Danubia’s Social Media Strategy

Danubia Sousa got candid about her social media content creation strategies on Influencers Got Clout!

Earlier her social media handle had a core focus on fashion shows and modeling related posts but after Danubia got into a relationship and also found out she was going to be a mother, she decided to change things up a little.

Danubia’s personal brand would get a facelift from here. She started posting things away from fashion. Danubia shared her pregnancy journey with her social media followers and created a sort of family and lifestyle blogging feed.

Her momma Danubia version was well-received by the fans. Even though there had been a drop in her male following after she started posting family content as well, Danubia knew that sharing what makes one happy is the ultimate strategy!

‘I was always thinking about how can I integrate the changes happening in my life to my business’, Danubia says.

Personal Branding Lessons By Danubia Sousa

– Decide what you want to achieve from your social media and what can you give to the audience. Don’t confuse your public.

– Make sure people understand what you post and who you actually are. Create a unique image of yourself in the mind of the audience using the right color combos and right content.

– Give your personal touch to your personal brand. Never compromise on QUALITY! Quality is everything.

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