Exclusive Interview With Cindy Cowan

Cindy Cowan is an Emmy winning Oscar nominated film producer and entrepreneur as well as a songwriter. She sat down exclusively with Clout News and she talked about her journey in the industry and life. 

On being asked about what made her want to be a producer and what the position means to her, she responded that it was not really her plan. The producer said, “I didn’t set out to produce movies. I actually went to school for psychology and got my degree .

“Then I  took that infamous year off. I was dating someone at the time, that was the lead singer of a band. So I needed a night job. And with that, I ended up getting the only night job that I could find which was working for CBS, in a news affiliate”.

She further shared that they kept promoting her after which she started to associate produce the late night program.. Although she enjoyed working there, News was not her passion. So after getting the producing bug, she set her sites on Film.  She shared that to find a project one is passionate about and to watch it come to life  is amazing.

She said, “My family was very against me being in entertainment. I think a lot of parents are very frightened of their children getting into this industry. Because all we hear about is all of the people that don’t make it, and how crazy Hollywood can be, especially if you’re a female….thankfully it all worked out, and now I am able to mentor others who are starting out”

Cindy Cowan Talks About What She Looks For in A Script

Cindy talked about what she looks for in a script as she shared that the story is everything. She said that it also depends on when she’s looking and what studio’s and/or financiers  are searching for at that moment  The entrepreneur said, “I think one of the things about being a good producer is knowing what the markets need”

“When I look for scripts, it’s all about the story and what I personally want to see. I generally gravitate to Biopics, Thrillers, Real Life Horror , Action and Musicals..

She shared that at this time she would have to look for something that is COVID friendly and easy to shoot, with limited actors and crew.. The producer said she was supposed to shoot two movies last year ,but both films got stopped when the borders closed in various countries.

Cindy Talks How Difficult COVID Has Made Production

She shared, “It’s been awful, we should have been in production a few times this past year, but have yet to start filming.  Now producers have to figure that at least $2 million will be added to their budgets just to make sets COVID friendly. So it’s a bit of a nightmare, to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and is safe. I do a lot of work with Sony studios, they have put off all of their productions until the end of summer”

Cindy revealed that they will also be making a deal with a company to do a reality show soon. She said, “I am excited to get into this new venture. It’s very big in scope and will encompass a lot of my film knowledge. My company is also getting into scripted TV . Most of the streamers like Netflix and Amazon are still going forward with their productions in ways that the studio’s might not be at the moment. One thing Covid has taught us all is that you have to adapt.”

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